This man and Lin Biao have been fighting for nearly ten years. What's the result?

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This man and Lin Biao have been fighting for nearly ten years. What's the result?

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(Chen Guanren original, published in a bit of information and Phoenix, without permission can not reprint, wash manuscripts and crawl)

Admiral Xiao Jinguang was a commander of the Navy and founder of the people's Navy since 1949. However, after Lin Biao took office, the commander of the Navy this position attempts to make Li Zuopeng look at fiercely as a tiger does, close the throne, played all the plot.

In 1962, Lin Biao comeback, seized the individual problems of the Navy, Xiao Jinguang buckle "against four of the first", "the purely military viewpoint" hat, sending Li Zuopeng to the Navy, secretly.

Xiao Jinguang began fighting with Li Zuopeng and others in tit for tat.

Soon, Lin Biao, Li Zuopeng and other people to Xiao Jinguang bad health as an excuse, let him relegated to the "three lines" leadership.

But Mao Zedong did not agree. Li Zuopeng has been unable to succeed, no matter how much Xiao Jinguang made a "mistake" is always the navy commander, refused to move.

In 1966, Lin Biao and others become aggravated against Xiao Jinguang, he caught the conference to criticize, even by Tianjin denounced. Xiao Jinguang said: "this is not what great, I had experienced in the Central Soviet Area, but is knocked down again, I have a clear conscience, believe that history will judge." However, he did not fail to approve it.

Once, Li Zuopeng secretly organized Navy denounced Xiao Jinguang. At the meeting, some people interrogated Xiao Jinguang: "do you object to Chairman Mao?"!"

"I have not objected to Chairman Mao," Xiao Jinguang shouted!"

The other said, "you are against vice president Lin."!"

Xiao Jinguang said no more.

When some people took Xiao Jinguang to the jet". He stood up, get rid of the coat draped over the body shouted: "which of you dare!" a roar, scared the other went back down.

Xiao Jinguang asked Li Zuopeng, "what's this all about?""

Li Zuopeng faltering, afraid to talk to each other.

Since 1962, Xiao Jinguang has been fighting against Lin Biao and others for nearly ten years. Because Mao Zedong said, "as long as Xiao Jinguang is in, the navy commander will not change", his navy commander positions, Li Zuopeng and others until the collapse, but also can not get. In Lin Biao's four friends, Huang Yongsheng is the chief of staff, Wu Faxian is the commander of the air force, make logistics minister, but Li Zuopeng is the Navy's second in command, not when the commander.

In September 1971, Lin Biao died in Mongolia. The second day, Xiao Jinguang learned the news, never drink he filled a glass of wine, drink, said excitedly: "evil with evil. Lin Biao's day finally arrived, and the country had hope."