Lin Biao's "sick life": when the house is down and the damp is uncomfortable, shout, "good brother, help me."! "

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Lin Biao's "sick life": when the house is down and the damp is uncomfortable, shout, "good brother, help me."! "

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Wen / Shui Jing

46 years ago, is also in 1971 September 13th midnight, deputy commander Lin Biao Mao Zedong's successor, the National People's army, with his wife, Ye Qun, son Lin Liguo et al., take the Trident I imperial air force, took off from Beidaihe to Shanhaiguan airport, flight of the Soviet Union (now Russia). After more than an hour near the wendouerhan in Mongolia's plane crashed, killing all the crew.

This is the 9.13 incident that shocked both China and foreign countries".

As for the reasons for the crash, there are various versions of it, but what exactly is the reason for the fact that it has not been known for more than forty years. After the Soviet Union, Russia has been silent and secretive. It is still a mystery. But Lin Biao led to the anti Party group yet, still no loose.

Chinese after the reform and opening up, especially in the new century in these ten years, the study of Lin Biao on the "9.13 incident" continued and fruitful, experts and scholars, parties and enthusiasts interested in the new views and new analysis, new materials are emerging, therefore, Lin Biao is in the history of the hero to the big demon gradually, was played back to the prototype. This article is about the founding of the Lin Biao daily life a part of the scene, you can not think, Lin Biao was very influential, beneath the hero scenery, actually have such pain and.

16 October 1949 calendar of thirty-four days of Heng Baozhan battle ended in victory, Lin Biao Zhuge Bai Chongxi win the war, the remnants of the white group returned to Guangxi, Lin Biao, after all, in the Guilin area of Guangxi Zhuge Kuangou, to early 1950, the main residual Bai Chongxi being wiped out - this is a new Chinese established by Lin Biao, hit the first beautiful the battle.

Little Zhuge was defeated, Lin Biao also broke down, plus the injury he began vomiting, coma, 43 year old Lin Biao was choked by this time, many times to the central telegraph, March 13, 1950, after the approval of Chairman Mao, Lin Biao from Wuhan to Beijing for treatment, as early as March 1, 1938, the Eight Route Army 31 division 115 Mr. Lin Biao, wearing a woolen coat captured Japanese Oriental riding horses, with a dozen people. After recruit through Yan Xishan Jin army area, was mistaken for a Japanese sentry Jin army fought a gun, bomb wearing chest Lin Biao head, then left sequela.

Since the early Beijing's military and political authorities, senior leaders, community leaders and other Democrats, had the Beijing city proper house are accounted for, Lin Biao to Beijing but can not find a suitable place, had to stay in the Summer Palace to Cui Yun xuan. During the period of the the Summer Palace building is in disrepair, decline. According to the parties recalled, Cuiyun Xuan is also very old, Lin Biao lives in a big, dark and damp room, chill, nor fire, had to engage in a bar in a porcelain, is holding wrap the electric wire, electric heating by burning, so.