The Anti Japanese movie captured by the Koreans dug up a forgotten history of World War II

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The Anti Japanese movie captured by the Koreans dug up a forgotten history of World War II

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Every year there are several shows in Korea

The other is what uncle Yu is going to introduce today. It was the same before the showTens of millions of people watching seeds.

It put the spotlight on the bearing when North Korean workers tears -- a hell on earth

Managaha Island


The film brings together the three male gods in korea.

Qinglong, Jinzhong double winner,Huang Zhengmin.

From head to toe long legged uncle,Su Zhixie.

The Maiden's old husband,Song Joong Ki.

In addition, there are character diva, Qinglong actress,Lee Jung Hyun.

And the little girl in Busan,Jin Xiuan.

To attract more than half of the Korean entertainment, the film director can not help.

Tens of millions of film directors,.

He earned it with the old handBest director of the Golden Dragon Film Awards.

Because love action movies, known as South Koreaquentin.

2 years ago,Ryu Seung WanAccidentally saw the warship Island overlooking photos, people who once lived here curious, so the film.

Managaha IslandIt's an alternative name for Japan's island.

It is one of the 505 uninhabited islands in Nagasaki, Japan, and is worthy of the nameHell Island.

Abandoned for many years, Japan was successful inscription.

Previously appeared in the "007 curtain crisis".

In 1890, the island was bought by the Japanese Mitsubishi Co and became a famous coal base.

The population reached 5300 at most, and its density ranks first in the world.

And this is not the population density behind, but it is an unknownBlack History.

During the Second World War, the Japanese army came in large numbersChinese, Korean workers.

These hard labor in the harsh environment and the Japanese abuse, casualties.

At the end of World War II, there were722 Chinese workersand1442 Korean workersTortured to death.

The island seems beautiful, buried nearly two thousand ROK ghost.

Like comfort women, the workers on the island are one of Japan's most sought after facts.

But Koreans don't forget.

They chose to expose the bloody history of the film and expose the Japanese government's misdeeds.

The film's protagonist, is being forced to ship IslandNorth Korean refugees.

They are desperate to escape this hell on earth.

Huang Zhengmin plays the head of a jazz band,Lijiangyu.

He performed with the band and his only daughter in the The Peninsula Hotel.

In order to survive, in front of Japanese compromise.

Because provoke the Central Hospital Secretary of the wife, offended the japanese.

To this end, he asked the police department's friends to help live in japan.

Little imagine, but on the island leading to warshipsPirate ship.

Here, they metSu ZhixieA member of the North Korean GangCuiqixing;

And Lee Jung HyunSueko.

The first son was taken to the Japanese army China as comfort women, managed to escape, and sent warships to the island by North Korean police.

In order to play by the Lee Jung Hyun's son, to lose weight36 kilograms.

In the warship Island, the men sent to work, women in a brothel.

It's like a huge prison.

There are more than 10 people in a room, lice and mosquitoes everywhere.

Food is unpalatable to disgust.

The mouse is crawling all over the ground, and a cockroach can be squeezed at any moment in the porridge.

Hungry workers, day and night in complete darkness submarine in the coal mine coal mining.

Even if only a small salary, but also by the Japanese for various reasons.

The most terrible is that in the seabed 1000 meters deep mine, will explode at any time.

In front of the Japanese, this group of workersLife such as ants.