Cao Cao's tomb, why did Zhu Geliang's team a veteran in battle, the tomb of a thousand years can be stolen?

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Cao Cao's tomb, why did Zhu Geliang's team a veteran in battle, the tomb of a thousand years can be stolen?

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Wonderful sister fun said the Three Kingdoms fortieth, the original, such as the need to reprint, please indicate the source!

On speaking and telling is the story about an ancient and Zhuge Liang of the same name famous litterateur Hu Zhao, this person is very fond of reading, literature accomplishment must not under Zhuge Liang, although there is a talent, but already through career hardships and a dim future, so would rather own Hermitage forest is not willing to accept exhortations to Yuan Shao and Cao Cao's madly, in those days, can have such a pure heart is very rare, we should to Hu Zhao was not involved in the secular disputes and feel happy.

Today, the wonderful elder sister want to jump thinking, for everyone to speak v. Raider related stories, tomb while being labelled as criminal acts, but as early as in ancient times, tomb is very popular. Tomb mainly popular because the spring and Autumn Period "then" social change after the burial culture on the rise. Once the Fengxiang of Shaanxi Qin Gong No.1 tomb is found so far in the pre Qin period the largest tombs, is the application of scientific archaeological method to explore the largest burial, a total of Daodong 247, which dozens of thief's hole directly is into the coffin chamber.

Whether it is before the very fire drama "Tomb notes" or after the movie "or" Ghoul now TV "nine gate" are being hit with grave related themes, actually comes true "Ghoul", as early as in the period of Cao Cao began with a hand stem from the tomb of things, Cao Cao the Tomb of motivation is very simple, is to raise the pay, in order to ensure the success of the tomb, Cao Cao tomb built China create new styles, the history of the first full-time independent institutions and the establishment of the tomb, "Qiu Zhonglang Jiang", "gold Wei school" position, responsible for the professional troops to where it is stolen, which products on the theft which buried inside. Pirates of the Cao Cao's most famous tomb is mount Dangshan Han Liang Xiao Wang Liu and Wang Li tombs. This is also a beam of the tomb stolen the earliest records. Since Cao Cao was alive when acts of grave robbers began to prevail, why Zhuge Liang's tomb to the beginning to the end are not moving too? Wonderful sister think the main reason for three points.

First, Zhuge Liang during his lifetime most is fastidious is upright and incorruptible, never do not like luxurious life and Zhuge Liang during his lifetime is said: "the undertaker to take, no used gold and silver." So when no tomb raider will be silly to spend time in Zhu Geliang.

Second, Zhuge Liang is a generation of the prime minister, the embodiment of wisdom, to countries in dying, and his loyalists moved past dynasties monarch. At the same time, and received people's love, then there is no more reason to steal his tomb.

Third, as the set Hanmagonglao Zhuge Liang Shu, died at once to Liu Chan wrote a letter, the letter has referred to his death, body into the hall, followed by four soldiers carried to south walk and rope broken place is buried, so Liu Chan command according to Zhuge Liang of the four soldiers do, but four soldiers carried the long string was broken, and negotiate with Zhuge Liang's coffin this buried in the soil, Liu Chan after know very angry, immediately ordered the four individuals were all beheaded, so there no people know where the tomb of Zhuge Liang.

Zhuge Liang the reason that "mortuary to take, no possession of gold and silver" is to achieve a living not bring, bring death, so open-minded is generally fail to, we should to produce awe.

Today's wonderful sister said history ends here, tomorrow there will be more exciting, more fun stories of the Three Kingdoms, the wonderful sister tomorrow and you meet.