After Liu Bang's death, the Hun put forward an excessive demand and made Lu ashamed and angry

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After Liu Bang's death, the Hun put forward an excessive demand and made Lu ashamed and angry

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The life of Liu Bang defeated numerous opponents, from three to the emperor, is quite legendary. Although Liu Bang defeated many people, he failed to defeat the Huns until his death, and his wish was not fulfilled. So Liu Bang's death was with regret.

After Liu Bang's death, Liu Ying ascended the throne, state power fall into the hands of empress lu. After Lu came to power after the Lu family members wantonly promoted, Liu Bang's loyal minister was dissatisfied with the empress. Hun Chanyu that cracks appeared within the Han Dynasty, the Han Dynasty decided to give some color to see see.

Hun and Han Dynasty and has been the relationship with the Han Dynasty, Han feel directly face is not very good, after all, he is Liu Bang's son". After much consideration to the decision before the Han, the Han Dynasty own system to the body. In the Huns, after the death of his father, the son is able to marry his father's wife.

Maodu use this custom, in 191 BC, to the empress wrote a letter. The letter said, "your husband died, he must have been lonely. Just join me."!" After Lu felt an age, was such an insult, shame and anger, immediately called Chen Ping, Fan Kuai, et al. Ji Bu goes out to fight against the huns.

The quarter feels that after the Lu is just temporarily can not bear this tone, just so reckless, persuade a way: "the new king just just is superior, the country base is unsteady, if now and Hun war, suffer a loss is us.". The custom of the Huns, so there is no humanity, Queen Mother, why do you care?!"

Ji Bu said said Lu after the big life together with sincerely convinced, Zhang Ze in her name and wrote a letter to the Huns, but also sent a large number of property and the female. The letter said: "I have been too old, afraid to sully the Chanyu, dare not to serve. The Han Dynasty never sinned against the Huns, and hoped that the Huns could forgive the Han dynasty."