General Qin Jiwei how to escape from the prison of a close call Fang?

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General Qin Jiwei how to escape from the prison of a close call Fang?

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Author: Wang Dehua

Huang An was born in Hubei county (now Hong'an county) general Qin Jiwei, led the fifteen army in the battle of Triangle Hill and South Korea army battle of the 43 days and nights fame. In the 13 years of the founding of the Republic in the Red Army, all the way from here, in a hail of bullets exploits hehe, one of the most thrilling is to escape the clutches of fang.

72 years ago the smoke had cleared, located in Gaotai County of Gansu Zhangye City West Army memorial hall in the photos have been yellow, but the Majiajun spotty evidence. More than 21000 members of the West army almost The whole army was wiped out. Li Xiannian with more than 400 people, only to break out, but unfortunately captured general Qin Jiwei, was in prison in Zhangye.

In late October 1936, the Red Army main force composed of West army, the Yellow River Xidu plan to seize Ningxia, to open international routes. However, in the warlord Ma Bufang 9 brigades besieged, West army step into despair.

General Qin Jiwei was captured in the battle of the Ni family. The day before the fall of the platform, make more troops to attack Ma Bufang, a small town in the center of Linze Hexi corridor. Linze is the West army supply department headquarters, the city only a guard, the other is the assistant.

When the train from Zhangye along Xining, looking out of the window and the vast Gobi distant mountains, I seem to see the road ahead of the army was difficult: they figure in ragged clothes at thirty degrees below zero or unlined folder for each gun, only 5 bullets. Majiajun dressed in leather shoes, riding a tall and strong, sword wielding fire machine guns, chase to the Red Army soldiers, and the Red Army soldiers even hide no terrain. What kind of asymmetrical battle is this? It's tantamount to a massacre.

General Qin Jiwei stepped in, led the troops to retreat to the snowy night break, Ni yingzi and West army headquarters. But Fang rate of four brigades to two Ni yingzi to attack. The lighting, nine red army fight broke down, the remaining staff fled to spread out into the wind and rain filled Qilian Mountains hinterland wins. General Qin Jiwei was the last, and finally hit only 3 people were captured, was put in prison in Zhangye. The call of heaven should not be called the solemn and stirring, so that the general unforgettable all one's life.

In August 1937, the war of resistance against Japan broke out completely, and the main force of the Red Army was adapted as the Eight Route Army, and general Qin Jiwei was still in the prison of Ma Bufang. According to the agreement between the Kuomintang and the Communist Party, the Red Army in prison should return to the ranks of the Eight Route army. The Chinese Communist Party in Lanzhou and Xi'an offices and the Kuomintang negotiations, the Kuomintang promised to release, but behind the tricks. Red Army soldiers were sent to Yanan, but red army officers were sent to Nanjing. General Qin Jiwei was a red army cadre and was forced to take him to Nanjing.

General Qin Jiwei consulted with several men and decided to run. Two days later, the red army cadres were on the road. On the way to Xi'an, he borrowed the name of solution for escape. Running all the way, he came to the Eight Route Army regional office in Pingliang 5 days later to find the Western army commanded by Marshal Liu Baicheng.

More than 21000 men's West army, and ultimately alive out of Qilian Mountains, but thousands of people, general Qin Jiwei is lucky. But more than a thousand people have since been made of special materials, destined to be vigorous in the history of Chinese revolution. Former president Li Xiannian, founding marshal xuxiangqian and former Vice Minister of propaganda Li Zhuoran, are in the old West Army Red Army arrived in Yanan, then a close call. 3 of them died, according to the will, the ashes were scattered in the Qilian Mountains Snow gleams white. without separation, and the comrades buried here.