Zhu Geliang's "model" mentioned in the Shu Ming Chen how to life?

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Zhu Geliang's "model" mentioned in the Shu Ming Chen how to life?

2017-09-16 10:38:04 827 ℃

Zhu Geliang is the most outstanding statesman, strategist, diplomat, essayist, calligrapher, inventor, litterateur, and embodiment of Chinese wisdom in the Three Kingdoms period. Zhu Geliang at LITE-ON for five years (227 years) written by the "model" is also Chinese culture in the history of the famous "for later evaluation, it holds a table method, the thousand years who between brothers".

In the model ", the prime minister, Zhu Geliang after the Lord Liu Chan to Wuhou Shu recommended Guo Youzhi, Fei Yi and Dong Yun, four outstanding talents to the pet etc.. Remind Liu Chan that if he goes out on his own, he can count on the four ministers. Then Zhu Geliang's "model" in the four Shu Ming Chen mentioned how the end of life?


Guo Youzhi, Nanyang (now Henan Nanyang) people, is famous for its scholarship, Liu Bei and Zhu Geliang are very appreciate his talent, will be promoted to an important position in the. But I do not know what the reason is, Guo Youzhi in the "Three Kingdoms" and no biography, his life is now not clear, can only speculate Guo finally died.

Fei Yi

Fei Yi, Wen Wei words, Meng Jiangxia county (now Henan Luoshan County West), young talent is famous for its elegance. When Liu Chan prince, Fei Yi was a Liu Chan Prince shed. Zhu Geliang is very appreciate for Yi Fei Yi, repeatedly perform important tasks assigned. But for Yi in to Soochow excellent performance, Sun Quan also praised the.

Zhuge Hong Wuhou died, Fei Yi become the second Jiang Wan No. two sydney. After the death of Jiang Wan, Fei Yi Shu became rulers during his tenure, achievement. Yanxi sixteen years (253 years), Fei Yi by Cao Wei Guo Xiu in the General Assembly at the beginning of the year of Han (Guo Xiu) was assassinated, it is also considered a major turning point in the history of.

Dong Yan

Dong Yun, the word Hugh Zhao, South Gun Edae (now Hubei Zhijiang), his father Liu Zhang, Liu Bei and Dong is the two generation of Shu Ming chen. Dong Yunshen appreciated Zhu Geliang, a longtime assistant of the emperor, and made great contribution to the political stability and healthy development, and Zhu Geliang, Jiang Wan, Fei Yi and said the "four phase", also known as "Shu Ying four".

Liu Chan wanted to let the eunuch Huang Hao involved in the affairs of state, results in the fierce opposition to Dong Yun and give up. Dong Yun had hardly made any mistakes during his lifetime, and Huang Hao had no possibility of Liu Chan. Yanxi nine years (246 years), Dong Yun died of illness, and Liu Chan has since become more and more stupid, Huang Hao also announced asatsuna, eventually leading to Shu han.

To spoil

To the pet, Xiangyang County, Yicheng county (now Hubei Yicheng), his brother to Lang is a famous scholar and outstanding Minister of shu. So to the pet in the "Three Kingdoms" in no separate biographies, but was attached to his brother to long biographies. Yanxi three years (AD 240 years), to the pet in the army put down when brute rebellion killed Hanjia crusade.