After Japan surrendered, the country was desperately poor. Whose pockets did it plunder from China?

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After Japan surrendered, the country was desperately poor. Whose pockets did it plunder from China?

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After Japan surrendered, as a defeated country, it was very tragic. Although China did not claim reparations, it did not represent any other country. At that time, Japan lost a total of $54 billion. Japan was really miserable at that time. Millions of people lost their jobs and the country had no money to invest. When it came to the lack of money, we could not help asking, "where have all the Japanese money gone from China?" Moreover, Japan is not only in China, as well as other countries, then why not invest in the construction of the country, who entered the pocket?

Japanese adopted the policy of no joke, I could get all away, when in Nanjing took more than 6000 tons of gold, how much value as can be imagined. In order to accurately measure the money to grab, but also specifically arranged in each team of several accountants, every day will be found in the unified measurement of money reported to the state. The implementation of the task of robbing money to the Japanese gendarmerie, the Japanese military police will see the bank on the bombing, see the rich on the grab, no pity.

How cruel was Japan when it was massacre? Don't say how cruel, just stealing money in this respect to anger, at that time the city of Nanjing's capital, lived very much Chinese, there are a lot of foreigners, the city of Nanjing was very rich, Japanese will kill after all the valuable off all the day, I searched very fine don't let money search, tiny bit, fine to what extent? Not only to search for valuable antiques, gold and silver utensils, but even the dead men's gold teeth. Find out everything on the floor, Japanese began pondering over the underground wealth, with a metal detector to start looking for buried treasure, a group of dozens of people, carpet search, so, only six thousand tons of gold Japanese.

How far are thieves from Japan? All the money will be robbed after still not satisfied, they also printed a lot of fake money to the people, fraudulent use of the functions of the government, with its own printing fake money to open several banks, or the use of force to attract people to let the people have to deposit, with real money in exchange for a worthless counterfeit. After printing the counterfeit money, I still feel that it is not satisfying, and the Japanese issue bonds again to defraud the financing, cheat the money of the people and cheat the money of the merchants. It is really hateful.

So, where did all this money go?

There was a biography, a Japanese reporter wrote, he said after the surrender of Japan, shipped back from Shanghai about dozens of boxes of gold, but was handed over to the state of gold is only three tons of gold, the other in the end gone?

Some Americans away, the Japanese army in Taiwan, Shanghai, Nanjing and Philippines, many money to plunder the volume is too large, in order to settle these treasures had to put these treasures for burial, but only by the Americans know the news and the exact position, so the Americans will treasure all of these buried hole the bombing, then secretly returned to the United States

There are some in the hands of the Japanese Emperor's home, was the emperor of Japan does not all the stolen money is put into use, but to itself, though, the defeat of Japan, but the emperor is to win hundreds of billions of dollars. The Japanese imperial family was defeated, but it was a very small life. Most of the money is put into education, although there are a lot of money in the hands of the royal family but still belongs to the country, the small country Japan got the wealth, but also get the support of the United States, Germany will develop so fast, but since the end of World War II in Education in Japan spend a lot of money, the Japanese education career developed, the population quality is very high.