Fast nine a prophecy of the historical story to retribution

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Fast nine a prophecy of the historical story to retribution

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A man in Shanghai has been detained for 15 days on a 15 day detention for disinformation.


"Within 5 years from today, marriage must be restored to purity.". If the violation of the oath, did not give her back, I pray that I will kill the Buddha, I will be the Nanjing government to pieces. If in 10 years and 20 years, if I do not fulfill my responsibilities, pray that I will overthrow my government and send me to exile abroad, I will never return." - CKS

Lao Wang: if you are unlucky, why do you swear to take the country?


During the period of Wang Mang was a man of God Shaogong cai,

Forget one Gua, Liu Xiudang is the emperor".

The purohita Liu Hsin in order to discuss the game, quickly changed his name to Liu Xiu".

Then there's no eggs.


Ten years later,

Nanyang County Hakusui village Liu Xiu when the emperor,

The Han dynasty!


Why don't you say 3 years?,

So much less suffer!



Jin Jing on dead family Zhao family (orphan story original).

I've lost my mind, night and day nightmares...

The night is particularly fierce, Zhao an unkempt hair, flying out, tied to the neck of Jin Jing gong...

As soon as he woke up, he asked for a Gua gua,

Divination is a son: King, this dream can be too hard, nothing is more fierce, now just spring, I reckon you eat is not the new wheat this year.

It means you can't live in summer.

Jin Jing was angry and shut him up,

But the disease is getting worse.

Neighbouring countries express all kinds of cares,

Especially the Qin state,

Here it is, Bian Que,

Some sedative drugs have been made,

He is alive and kicking.


A spring for new wheat,

Picking up the chopsticks reminds me of the fortune teller: what about the fortune teller? He gave me beheaded, jiuzu collective punishment, all cut off, he said I did not eat the new wheat this year, you see, I eat.

Say no,

Stomach pain, who can not stand the hip, must first clean up the memory, you can eat in. Jin Jing Gong got up and ran to the toilet.

"How do you hang it?""

"Not too embarrassed to say"


"Head down, down the toilet, drowned"

Left: "food, bilge, toilet, depression and stroke."


"Heaven is dead, yellow heaven stands.". At the age of six decades, the world "

- angle

In 220 AD, Cao Pi on behalf of the Chinese emperor, the establishment of the state of Wei, nianhao "yellow early", declared the downfall of the Han Dynasty, officially ushered in the era of the three kingdoms.

280 years, Soochow perish, three dominate.

It is a jiazi.



Infuriating to me, world of good fortune.




No blood

No peach

No wine

No one gave peach

Drop dead

- War Within Three Kingdoms



Suiti's tomb was dug

Careless construction

Developer name

It's called Yang Yong"

Revenge is never too late for a man to avenge himself.

Lao Wang: Yang Yong was originally a close brother of Suiti, the former prince,

Suiti ascended the throne after his daughter...


You probably haven't heard the name "Lu Tong",

War of resistance against japan,

One day,

The Japanese devils entered the village from the south gate. They burned, killed, robbed, and killed three villagers.

Soon, a team of soldiers came from the East Gate Village outside village, village again to plunder.

The strange thing is, when they came to the "hometown of Lu Tong" before the monument has stopped, after leading officers at a Japanese writing on a stone, he bent down to the stone made three bow, then lead guizibing village left in a hurry, thus eliminating the need for a disaster.

Now I know how he is, right?


A man of letters is always too random,

Lu Tong is known as "tea",

Is a bit arrogant.

Words of late son,

A pleasure,

The name "tim"

When he was sentenced to death,

Because of the bald head,

The eunuch nailed the nail in his head,

Count as execution.

Then why do the Japanese worship him?

Because of his seven bowls of tea songs,

Regarded by the Japanese as a tea ceremony.

"Lu Tong tea"