Why not found in the tomb of Shangguan coffin? Wu Zetian kill her family was to assassinate the mystery

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Why not found in the tomb of Shangguan coffin? Wu Zetian kill her family was to assassinate the mystery

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Shangguan, success stories of a woman of the Tang Dynasty

The author of this article is Ni Fangliu

Fourth, fifth yards and fifth hole and connected a large range of disturbance, fifth hole and the top corridor does not exist. A cut in the third, fourth hole on both sides, not stolen disturbance, shape and excavated are well preserved. A former brick door, only two of the residual layer.

(Shangguan tomb archaeological site)

Judging from the patio, corridor and the tomb is a large range of damage, unlike the general tomb for Department of large-scale and organized acts of sabotage, analysis is likely to be the "official ruined tomb".

In the corridor, found a stolen without interference epitaph. The epitaph cover "the Tang Zhao Rong Shang Shiming" turned out to be the famous Tang Dynasty poet, famous female officer Shangguan tomb!

Zhiwen kaishu, nearly a thousand words, recorded Zhao Rong Shang Dynasty's age, the burial tomb is such letter, Shangguan Wan'er, conclusive. The tomb is the Ming Kuang brick coupons hangzhu, square, length of 4.5 meters, the top of all collapse, tile were uncovered, remnants of walls up to 1.38 meters. Not found traces of the coffin, no cultural relics unearthed.

(site of epitaph)

(cover epitaphs rubbings)

The epitaph, Shangguan was buried in Tang Jingyun first year (AD 710 years) in August, as the burial place of "Hong Mao Du Xianyang County, Yongzhou Tao Xiang yuan".

Shangguan burial area, important burial area the late Northern Dynasties to the Sui and Tang Dynasties, near Changan. Since the last century since 50s, archaeologists at Xi'an Xianyang International Airport near Xianyang North (called "Hong Du") on the excavation of a large number of Northern Zhou, Sui, Tang Gao grade tombs, achieved rich archaeological harvest.

Shangguan Wan'er, it is but a name Cheap slave, why can finally jumped to a female prime minister? The mystery here is hard to solve.

Shangguan, Shanzhou (now Henan Shanxian) people, Tang Lin Tak first year (AD 664 years) was born in Kyoto, Changan. In the early Tang Dynasty, whose grandfather was a famous politician and litterateur Shangguan yi.

A place in the history of thousands of people seem to have an extraordinary birth, Shangguan is no exception.

"Old Tang book" records, Shangguan be born, her mother's dream of a giant. The giant gave her a scale, and said, "hold the weight of the world."." He was glad to hear that, but thought he was having a boy. Therefore we born after Zheng very unhappy.

(an "Old Tang book")

This system itself is a great lady, is a beauty, the woman is wan born beautiful, and very smart. When we embrace the full moon, Zheng Wan said: "you really can weigh the world?" Don't want to really understand Shangguan like, babbling, as in "yes, I replied Zheng, can weigh the world".

However, Shangguan is born to his tragic fate.

Shangguan was born shortly after his grandfather shangguanyi because queen Wu Zetian was involved in the abolition of Qing Zhi Wu grudges. Wu Zetian then let Xu Jingzong framed shangguanyi combined with Prince Li Zhong want to waste a Yian rebellion, Shangguan "alienation of two St., Chen Li no" charges, the final and the father of Shangguan Shangguan Yi Wan court etc. more than a dozen people were killed.

Because at that time Shangguan shortly after birth, when dignitaries Peiyan for their intercession, Wu Zetian finally got his sympathy, he forgave her and her mother's death. Her and her mother fell into this slave zheng.

(Wu Zetian)

Shangguan family has been an aristocrat since ancient times, the sudden decline, people have to sigh sigh, officialdom has been a change of place since ancient times, and the speed of change is far from ordinary people can imagine.

Slavery system, and did not give up training for her daughter.

Tang Gaozong, the general chapter (668 - 673) years Xianheng, Wan son 5 years old to 10 years old, he has taught her to read, learning poetry. Zheng wellborn, heirloom, "far too often Shaoqing Hugh sister", therefore, teach a child to read be nothing difficult.

(the emperor's harem is very dangerous and the woman must be scheming.)

Sure enough, he kept not in vain, and Shangguan itself is very intelligent, therefore poetry for her is not what problem. Yi Feng two years (677 years), while at the age of 14, because Wu Zetian is full of wit value, from the base to become a slave Wu after the close female officer.

After 32 years, a step toward the peak power of Shangguan, her political, literary talent to play in this step by step to the extreme.

After Tang Zhongzong Li Xianfeng Zhao, who advised in the library to expand Shangguan, increase the degree, the quest for talent. Li Xian itself is relatively weak, coupled with its long years of the country, is utterly ignorant of, so Shangguan became his agent. Long, and Shangguan recommendations were adopted behoove.

(Tang Zhongzong, Li Xian)