Familiar and unfamiliar neighbors -- a brief introduction to Mongolia's military strength

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Familiar and unfamiliar neighbors -- a brief introduction to Mongolia's military strength

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Miscellaneous seven Ma eight headlines today broadcast is our familiar and unfamiliar neighbors, Mongolia's armed forces. In history, Mongolia has the world's most powerful army, the generals of Genghis Khan and his military accomplishment supergroup, by virtue of the was the best in the world of motor ability, by virtue of advanced siege equipment, by virtue of a strong logistic support ability, swept across the Eurasian continent, old world premier at the Empire was established. The heel of the Mongol Empire, although of creatures of misery, but the objective will be to human history for the first time integration in the real sense of the history of the world, the Mongol Empire laid by the geopolitical territory still affects the world.

Valiant cavalry in Mongolia

Single speaking from the military, the Mongol Empire will be martial arts towards the highest peak of the cold weapon age and in tactics of the Mongol Empire forces called the blitz of the originator. In the military technology, the Mongolia Empire established the world's first artillery force. In the organizational structure, the Mongolia Empire established the world's first staff. And a relatively poor, it is generally assumed that the forces of the Mongol Empire used in human history the first germ warfare, in 1346, in Mongolian forces attack the Black Sea port city of card (now in Ukraine feodosiya city), trebuchet will develop died of plague corpses thrown into the city. Then in the card of a Genoese merchant will be sick of flea inadvertently brought to Italy and plague spread in Europe become the dreaded "" the plague ". Of course, about the black plague another argument is the Silk Road traders the bacteria to the Middle East, and then spread to Europe. But the plague epidemic, to a great extent, has a profound impact on the world history.

Another picture of the Mongolia empire.

Mongolian cavalry very tragic ending is in August 1860 21 is located in Tongzhou Beijing Baliqiao war, Mongolia Titans SengGeLinQin led more than 10000 Mongol horsemen, although desperate, heroic charge, but eventually with the disparity of casualties than the defeat in the front of the modern army of British and French industry, the failure of the battle of Baliqiao, marking the nomadic rolling settled at the end of the era of national, also marks the industrial society against a complete victory in the cold weapon.

The Eight Mile Bridge under the pen of the Western painter

Modern Mongolia's military is no longer the glory of the past, both in size and quality are relatively weak. Mongolian armed forces due to their small size, divided into four branches, general meaning forces, border troops, internal security forces and the air force. According to the general understanding, the existence of Mongolia naval construction, but the scale is small, and even become the world's most micro naval forces, currently a total of only 3 ships, 2 guns, 1 engines, 7 members. And there are three ships, suhbaatar tug can launch operations missions in the Hovsgol lake. The Cu Sugule Lake area is at least 2000 kilometers away from the nearest sea. In 1997 the Mongolia Navy carried out the privatization management, its symbolic significance and the traveling significance far exceeded its military deterrent significance.

Mongolia Navy.

Mongolia's general meaning troops can understand for the Mongolian army, a total of 8500 troops, and mentioned border guards, internal security forces and the construction unit and civil defence force can only be regarded as is quasi military organization, number respectively is 5000 people and 900 people. In addition, number of Ministry of construction team and houses troops for 1500 and 500 people. Mongolia, according to the size of the army, the proportion of its armor is very high, with a total of 650 T54/-55/-62 tanks, all types of armored vehicles more than 800 vehicles.

Army of Mongolia

Mongolia's air force is smaller, standing troops only about 1600 people, less the number of aircraft and various types of aircraft for a total of more than 80 frame, the air has about 300 shoulder fired Sam 38.9 type surface to air missile.

Air defense forces in Mongolia

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