Why did Chairman Mao admire Kangxi very much? The main second points are not acceptable

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Why did Chairman Mao admire Kangxi very much? The main second points are not acceptable

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Lao She is a great people's artist in our country, and has created many literary works close to the masses and reflecting the sufferings of the people. As we all know, Mo Yan won the Nobel prize for literature in the past few years, which is a major event in China's literary and art circles. However, as early as 1968, Lao She was elected by the highest number of votes in the Nobel prize for literature. When he was dead, the prize was awarded to Japanese Kawabata Yasunari.

What novels do you like to read about Lao She's works?. "Camel Xiangzi", "Sishitongtang", "gun" are classic, the author then Shoubushijuan, read the complete works of Lao She's novels. But what does this have to do with today's topic, Chairman Mao's comment on Kangxi?

That's the way it is.

Lao She has a great autobiographical novel "under the red flag". He in the book of the history of this nation in the late Qing Dynasty Manchu living habits as well. Although not completed, but the status is extremely high. The creation of this novel benefits from Chairman Mao's conversation with Lao She to Kangxi.

As you know, Lao She is a manchu. When the Manchu Dynasty was founded in the Qing Dynasty, the twelve emperors did not experience it very short.

Chairman Mao read history, often have unique insights for the history of the emperors. For the case of Liu Bang Zhu Yuanzhang over the king Zhou, the emperor, have been given a high evaluation.

So, in the last dynasty, the twelve emperors of the Qing Dynasty, who did Chairman Mao value most? To whom do you think the highest? The answer is Kangxi.

In 1960, when the people's Congress held various attractions, Chairman Mao talked about Kangxi and Lao she.

One is to lay down the territory that our country owns. The initial ruling, South San Francisco separatist provinces, northwest Mongolia Oirad Department of the Junggar regime, Southeast Taiwan to occupy the Northeast Zheng's descendants, Russia coveted and intrusion.

In the face of the grim situation, they defeated the high-ranking Oboi emperor Kangxi teenager, to completely regain the power. Adult in Beijing made in San Francisco, Russia's victory in the war in Taiwan; destroy the Ming Zheng regime. The three sign Galdan, founded the "Duolun assembly" instead of war, contact the Mongolia department, laid the foundation for the prosperity of the Qing dynasty.

The horse of governing ability, the emperor dynasties are essential, why Chairman Mao to Kangxi with special respect? Because Kangxi is truly outstanding, and also appreciated by Chairman Mao, it is his united front policy.

The history of Manchu customs, only more than 50000 troops, including relatives but also two hundred thousand. At that time the Ming Dynasty, regardless of territory, population, are far beyond the customs.

To use such a small population, to occupy such a vast territory, the management of so many people, and when the social contradictions are so prominent, think about enough people headache.

How did Kangxi do it? He invented a United front. He first united the Mongols and other minorities, and then united with the upper Han people to rule the Han dynasty.

It is temporarily secured, but Kangxi knows inadequacy of customs culture. Overall study inherits more advanced Chinese culture than Manchu culture.

Meeting officials is not less? Kangxi in the official setting, the most powerful is a chinese. First, to solve the problem of meeting fewer officials, and secondly, uniting the Han officials, it can be described as two birds with one stone.

The beginning of such a mess, now hard, day and night to solve almost, for other president CEO, enjoying a go sightseeing early estimate. Kangxi is not free.

In the eyes of Chairman Mao, Kangxi was the first enlightened monarch to learn advanced knowledge from western capitalism.

In addition to mastering several Manchu languages, he also learned several foreign languages. Emperor, also like to study natural science, indulge in mathematics, astronomy, geography and other foreign subjects. The rule of learning delay, than the history of the emperor who Wanwusangzhi more sophisticated.

Under the influence of Chairman Mao's talk, he was a man of Manchu origin. Lao She created the novel under the "red flag" two years later.