When the two races fought for who was the overlord of the Central Plains, a woman decided the winner

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When the two races fought for who was the overlord of the Central Plains, a woman decided the winner

2017-09-27 22:01:59 247 ℃

It is said that above the Chinese territory, not only the yellow race, but also the existence of white race. For example, Jiang Ziya, the founder of the kingdom of Qi, was once considered white.

There are two pieces of evidence, one is the DNA of the tombs of the spring and Autumn Period in Shandong Linzi detection of human bone, researchers analysis, the result is: the people of Linzi mitochondrial structure before 2500 which is close to the Indo European people of Asia, and this is because close to human migration caused by. Another evidence is popular in the spring and Autumn Period "Shuo" and other poems, said Qi Jiang's women's skin white figure how and how tall).

Of course, this can only be a guess, can not therefore judge that the Qi people are white. Today, Sima would like to say that the Shang Dynasty, has been called a "ghost" alien invasion from the northwest.

"Ghost side" what is it? If you look at the Oracle, you will find the enemy, several real ghosts, earthwork, ethnic Qiang Fang, industry etc.. And the Qiang and other races, from the subsequent heritage and archaeological finds, mostly yellow race. And the ghost side? It is probably the nomadic people of the west.

(the world of the ethnic migration, there are two views, one view is that the Mongolia race and the Europa race are the ancestors of black hair and white skin dark white, followed by a branch to the northwest, in order to adapt to the local environment in northwest Europe cold forest, evolved into a white European, and the other one. To the southeast and Northeast Asia, in order to adapt to the wind environment, evolved into the East Asian continent on the white, and later with the East Asia exists originally darker skin mixed race, the final formation of the yellow race of China).

The second argument is that, in that era, the Aryans from Europe, over the Ural mountains into Afghanistan, then divided into three road; the first road (it seems to be the main direction) to India to conquer the local indigenous peoples, established the so-called caste Aryan conquerors become higher caste.

The second route leads westward into the Iran plateau and forms the Persian empire.

And the third way, over the Pamirs, into the west of China, they are probably Oracle recorded in the "ghost side" these people.

So, what were the eastern dynasties in the hands of these Aryan invasions?