What's the difference between Ninja swords and samurai swords? Ninja knife is shortened for?

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What's the difference between Ninja swords and samurai swords? Ninja knife is shortened for?

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Some understanding of the people of Japan, will know that the ninja and samurai in Japan is the two branches of ancient times special, the two arms of the existence, making Japan's ancient culture has a special flavor, it can be said that in ancient times, the Japanese have to rely on the ninja and samurai in many wars, so the ninja and the samurai is the mainstream of ancient Japanese arms, as the main branches of ancient Japan, its importance to the mainstream culture as can be imagined, so in Japan today, ninja and samurai became the main part of Japanese culture.

The Japanese ninja

The Japanese samurai

Ninja and samurai became Japan today are proud of the capital, then the ninja and samurai weapons in the hands of the inevitable is also quite popular, and the world well-known ninja and samurai although already very famous, but as the two branches of the weapons "ninja sword" and "warrior the knife", also is absolutely impressive, because these two kinds of weapons, which makes people deeply shocked in Japan in the knife technology in ancient period, and as a representative of the Japanese samurai sword weapon, the forging technology is becoming the object of Western forging technology.

The Japanese ninja bamboo knife

The samurai sword has a unique metal components, so a qualified Katana has no ability to blow off the hair, deeply shocked people so its sharpness is bound to the initial understanding of the samurai sword, because of these advantages, the Katana in Japan is endowed with the ancient culture, because of its advantages with the knife is certainly the world.

The samurai sword

Compared to the samurai sword well-known in the world, ninja blade is not so high visibility, just for the understanding of the ninja, so the ninja sword also has the position can not be ignored, the Ninja elegant figure with carry swords, must be many people difficult to forget the image, and the sword is of course the Ninja ninja sword, but ninja sword and Katana although the same as the well-known Japanese weapons, but two kinds of knife have great differences, the difference may also in all expected, after all, is the two ninja and samurai difference huge arms, so use the two weapons bound never be the same.

The Japanese ninja knife

The ninja sword and Katana are from Japanese weapons, and has very high visibility, so it is unavoidable for people to take two kinds of weapons for comparison, look at ninja sword and Katana exactly what is different, and as long as it is familiar with the Ninja image of the people, will know that the Ninja carried with saber very good portability, that is to say ninja sword is more compact than the katana.

But other than bending a samurai sword, familiar with the Ninja image of the people should know that the Ninja saber is usually not bent, the ninja sword is generally straight, straight and other shows ninja sword will not be used to cut the attack tactics is generally based on the main.

After watching Ninja knives, many people think so. This is not short of Tang Dao? What's the difference?

In fact, the ninja sword and Tang is the biggest difference between Tan, for the implementation of the assassination mission as ninja, ninja sword need to carry so. With many knife to give up the Dao tan. Even if there are some ninja sword wearing Tan are mostly round or square.

Here we take a look at the two picture of Tang Dao, Japan shosoin collection of Tang Dao, is the seventh Century or eighth Century spread to Japan in the Tang Dynasty in kind.

"Seven Tang

The family of Tang Dao

It is not difficult to find these two Tang Dao Tan is "auspicious clouds", there are great differences with the Japanese sword, or a better recognition of the. And for is the use of the battlefield sword than katana, in length should be slightly longer.

The modern production of antique Tang

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