After the defeat, Japan said: "there was only one able person in modern China, but China did not reuse it.""

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After the defeat, Japan said: "there was only one able person in modern China, but China did not reuse it.""

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In the Qing emperor to abdicate a year ago, the country is immersed in a "expel the Manchus", "Xing Han cries out full.".

Song Jiaoren set eight new town armed uprising, Li Yuanhong be elected governor. Jiangxi Linsen uprising army organization. Yunnan Cai-E, Tang Jiyao uprising. Yan Xishan uprising in Shanxi.

The Qing Dynasty never dreamed that they could afford to send these students to Japan to study. As a result, they used the command ability they learned in Japan and launched the Qing Dynasty to overthrow the Qing dynasty.

In this case, Yuan Shikai was opened in the Qing dynasty. The Qing Dynasty did not want to use Yuan Shikai, but they sent generals and command the army, there is no way, Yuan Shikai had to take office.

The southern revolutionary party found Yuan Shikai, saying that the South would support Yuan Shikai as president, and Yuan Shikai did not say anything. Yuan Shikai at the moment in the hands of military and political power, into the offensive, retreat can be preserved, there are several retreat routes, you can also slowly choose.

The point is that Yuan Shikai dared not leave his post and was afraid of being assassinated.

Yuan Shikai was the Qing Dynasty of the northern New Army captured Hanyang, used as a bargaining chip with the southern revolutionary party secret negotiations, which forced the emperor to abdicate and released "sin have fabricated", is a bargaining chip.

The British were involved in the secret negotiation, so there was a British adviser to the first national government.

Japan is not happy, they fear that the strength of Yuan Shikai, Yuan Shikai when the president of Japan is extremely unfavorable, Japan watched "cooked ducks fly away". Japan and manipulated "union", to expel the Manchus, adhere to the "full of Han xing". Why are the Japanese so kind to China? Not really, Japanese mind looks crooked, because Yuan Shikai is advocated "five nations", the alliance will advocate "Xing Han full", Japan desperately Support Alliance slogan, in fact is to give Yuan Shikai to obstruct, let him be the president.

Japan believes that only one person in modern China can do it, and that is Yuan Shikai. Yuan Shikai is not the most capable, we do not comment, but the Japanese think so, let them think so.

Japan rushed to support Sun Zhongshan as interim president and sent a note to the embassies to admit it. Britain is a member of the negotiating team with Yuan Shikai, and of course it opposes Japan's manipulation of China. Britain jumped up and said, "no!"." As a result, the great empires refused to recognize the legitimacy of the Sun Zhongshan regime.

Sun Zhongshan felt the situation was wrong, and hastened to say that he was "temporary president."". Sun Zhongshan led the Nanjing provisional government officials to pay homage to the tomb, Zhu Yuanzhang said to comfort the soul, his wishes have been realized, China recovery "daming".

All done, instead of playing the protagonist. But the hero refused to play, he said: "the president can't do it, not to go to Nanjing office, I have to stay in Beijing, to prevent the Beijing mutiny."

Why did Yuan Shikai refuse to take office in Nanjing? In fact, it is afraid to leave the military jurisdiction. In the chaos of the Chinese Man's heart is incomprehensible. things, maybe you had just Pidianpidian go to Nanjing, after they kill you.

Sun Zhongshan finally renounced his interim presidency, and Yuan Shikai announced his inauguration as president in Beijing.

Yuan Shikai became president, China against what the internal division, what people, Han, everyone is Chinese. Yuan Shikai believes that we are a united country, so he advocated the "five nations", with five colors to represent the five ethnic groups. Han is red, Manchu is yellow, Mongolian is blue.

He designed "five colors" national flag, without prejudice, all ethnic groups treat equally. Yuan Shikai is very advanced in thinking.

And many people in the League actually agreed with the "five nations Republic", which was not everyone's approval. Later, Yuan Shikai designed the flag passed, he announced to the world, we China land is not limited to the eighteen Province territory, including Manchuria, Mongolia, but the integration of Tibet, Xinjiang, Vladivostok, Sakhalin, the China. It's big China, not small people.

Yuan Shikai to Chinese a lot of territory, but he managed to add to the emperor to abdicate the edict on a key word, that before Sun Zhongshan proposed "the Chinese and the homeland reunification has thousands of years away, eighteen province such as Ca Mau solid." In fact, the concept of narrowing the territory of China is very dangerous.

At that time, Britain stared at Tibet, and Russia stared at Mongolia. They were all on the wing. If it were to be split at this time, the consequences would be disastrous.

Japan has funded students, desperately shouting "Xing Han de Man", the purpose is to cut out the Northeast Chinese, takings.

The powerful figure was led by Yuan Shikai, to emphasize the "five nations", the real intention is to create a full, Han, Mongolian, Tibetan and the reunification of the country, to preserve the territorial integrity of China.