75 years ago, Henan cheated the whole of China: "sorry, we have finished 1\/3 of the population."

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75 years ago, Henan cheated the whole of China: "sorry, we have finished 1\/3 of the population."

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Henan people cheated the nation at this time: we did not fight, we can live in Henan!

There's an interesting argument about Henan:

If China is compared to the whole world, then Shanghai is China's United States, Guangdong is China's Europe, and the northeast is China's Russia; and Henan is China's china.

Although it is a joke metaphor, but Henan is China's China, there are still a few truth in it.

Also has a profound and splendid history and culture

3 is a traditional agricultural province

Also has a large population

The average educational level is not high

Henan University is not 985, nor is it 211

The economic development level is relatively backward

Located in the hinterland of the Central Plains, Henan is one of the most important birthplaces of Chinese civilization. He inherited almost all the merits and shortcomings of the Chinese people.

In fact, the people of Henan today's reputation is not good: "poor to no friends, accent is only funny, low quality of the ridiculous, cheat a good hand."..."


This part in the eyes of Henan inferior place, really important? What exactly is the inner nature of the people of Henan? Are there really a lot of Henan people out there in the press?

Geographically, Henan in the Central Plains with pinghan (Jing Guang), Longhai, Beijing several railway transportation hub. Its strategic status is almost unmatched. It is the real crossroads in china. This said, during the war in Henan have become the first power over the region.

But also very appropriate in all directions

Someone called Chinese northeast granary, called Jiangnan Yumizhixiang, Sichuan called the land of abundance; Henan is a major grain producing province ignored. In the past 20 years, the total grain output in Henan has remained the first year. 2016, the end of 12 years of grain, even increase production in second place. Peanut, sesame and other oil crop output ranked first in the country. At the same time, Henan also produced 1/4 of the country's wheat, flour production first in the country; with the industrialization of agriculture, 1/3 of instant noodles, 2/3 of quick-frozen food.

Since modern times, Henan has been a large population, the population has been among the best. A large number of labor and personnel for the country. According to some data, the number of military personnel in Henan is the highest in the country every year. In the Liberation Army, the people in Henan accounted for a considerable proportion.

"Just as with 7% of the land to feed 22% of the population China

Henan feeds almost 10% of China's population with 1.7% of its land

In military terms, Henan has long been the military is a hotly contested spot! Not only many ancient battlefield, and good men.

The battle of Huang Zhong Changsha

The controversial Sima Yi

The sake of the hero Yue Fei

In modern times, although Henan did not have many famous generals, it was not inferior to the total number of military personnel:

In the PLA, Henan has the founding fathers such as Xu Shiyou, 9 founding vice president Zheng Weishan, Qian Jun and Li Xuesan, and the 98 major founding fathers of Su Jin, Cao Siming, and Li wei. The general accounting for 6.69% of the total generals. Most of them are from Henan border region of Xinxian County, Guangshan, and Gushi area mall. During the Agrarian Revolutionary War, there was a region of oyuwan, a large number of Central Plains children eagerly joined the Red Army, and the growth of a number of renowned founding generals.

Long also like Yang Jingyu from England was a national hero

Kuomintang side, the whole of the Republic of China, Henan province has a total of 762 local people can be investigated, distributed in the province's 110 counties, almost all counties have been generals in the Republic of china! Among them, 4 will be general, 83 will be lieutenant general, 368 will be major, and 307 other senior officers will be appointed.

Long Ji Wenxing led the Henan delegation

Bloody wanpingcheng

The whole war of resistance began

As in ancient times, the people of Henan, who lived in the Central Plains, did not like to serve in the country. The 412 Henan general stable service in the army, the northwest army system of 209 people, accounting for 51%; the central army system of 104 people, accounting for 27%; indigenous warlords 79 people, accounting for 19%; the Northeast Army system of 5 people, accounting for 1%; Shanxi Shanxi in the system of 6 people, accounting for 1%; Yunnan 1 people, accounting for 0.2%;

The northwest army broadsword team known throughout the country

A total of 1 million 172 thousand and 639 people from the affected areas of Henan, the death of 325 thousand and 589 people, the direct property loss and indirect loss of agriculture to defer the table, because of what happened afterwards, let the Huayuankou indirect loss is almost impossible to statistics!

In fact, the Yellow floodplain did not effectively block the pace of Japanese invasion of Henan. In 1941, while Changsha defense, military support Changsha troop movements on the occasion, the Japanese began to attack Zhengzhou. Although the soldiers fought a bloody war many people, also armed with chopper, axe in battle, but on the eve of Mid Autumn Festival (October 4th), Zhengzhou still fall into the hands of the japanese. At 0 a.m. on October 31st, Sun Tongxuan, commander in chief of the third army of the National Revolutionary Army, ordered the units to attack Zhengzhou: all officers and men were allowed to advance only, and were not allowed to retreat! A bayonet charge is composed mainly of capital battle There was no parallel in history. opened. 8 pm, the Japanese Basic evacuate Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou save in the Japanese soldiers fought under.

The sketch of the affected areas of Henan

Red is the worst hit area

The water receded, a large number of cultivated land in Yellow River flood area or Desertification, or pan salt. An indirect result led to the great famine of 1942 throughout the country. Of course, the famine can not be completely attributed to the garden mouth, it is not good for Henan, reduce the amount of arable land in the flood and drought, hail everything, Putian cover grasshopper and relentless gnawing at the Henan people's flesh and blood, a time The people are destitute. starving everywhere.

The movie "1942" although there are many inaccuracies

But the situation of the victims reflects fairly true

In time, there are 30 million victims in Henan, almost all in the province! Conservative estimates, two years, 2 million people starved to death in Henan, 3 million people fled to Shanxi, Shaanxi and other places. According to the survey of relief branch of the aftermath after the victory of Anti Japanese war in Henan province in January 1946: "Yu Ji province has Wubaiyuwan refugees in exile, homeless people are wandering in Babaiyuwan, a total of one thousand 300 million people to save the refugees." In fact, the eight year war refugees and displaced people in the total number of Henan ranks first in the country, the number of 14 million 533 thousand and 200 people.

14530000, see the figure, many people still tangled in the end when there are several zero, few people can imagine this is a kind of concept, in this vast and cold bloody figures show in the world, let the world and future generations of imagination......

Henan's population decline so terrible, see this should be conclusive?...

1944 Henan Xianggui campaign, the Japanese once opened from Southeast Asia to Beijing Railway line! A new wave of war broke out across Henan. Until the end of the war on the eve of the first theater of Henan is still in the defense and fall of the state, the province's 111 counties have 109 fall, only 2, Shenqiu Xincai county had occupied, Henan adhere to the victory.

"Zhengzhou is the" war thunder "only Chinese map

The background is the air war in Central Plains in 1944

It's one of the biggest air wars in China

"Jiang Jieshi visited the ready

B-25 bomber that bombed the Yellow River Bridge

The ground crew replacement

A badly fought wing over Henan

However, there is not much of the General Assembly war, and there is not much far-reaching impact. When someone asked the people of Henan had to play the devil, actually did not know what to say......

Henan people cheated the nation at this time: we did not fight, we can live in Henan! In order to cover it, the people of Henan perseverance teeth for the war front give food!

According to statistics, the eight men 13 million 920 thousand years. In Henan, the number of Ding Ding reached 1 million 898 thousand and 356, accounting for 13.5% of the total number of the country, second only to the Sichuan in the rear, ranking second in the country.

Out of the occupied areas of Henan for more than half of the population of the area and the supply of the National more than 2 young men, the average small ratio also has far exceeded the Sichuan. Even in the calamity after 1943, the year still recruitment of 205815 people, the province accounted for 2.25% of the male!

According to incomplete statistics, including his own sign, Henan to join the army to support the war more than 4 million people! Among them, 300 thousand people were killed and maimed.

Henan is not only his own contribution. In the continuous disaster, Henan also provided a large number of national government on food. According to records. The 1941 Henan disaster at the beginning of this year, Henan completed real tax levy 1 million 582 thousand and 875 stone, after Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, the country ranked fourth. In the worst drought in 1942, although the Jiang Jieshi disaster relief part rations levy, but Henan has completed the land tax levied 2 million 450 thousand stone burden bujianfanzeng. By 1943, still struggling in the drought in Henan people have paid a tax of 3 million 22 thousand and 513 stone, nationwide in Sichuan, Hunan, Jiangxi, Shaanxi fifth.

If you ask the old people in Henan who have been through that period today, most of them will be silent and forget to choose: "what year is 42 years?" I will remember to eat locusts in those years. Nothing, and finally came......

Today, Henan as an important province in the strategy of the Central Plains in the reform and opening up, the three major industries simultaneously force, GDP stability maintained at fifth of the country's position. The sufferings of the past seem to be passing clouds and mist, fading away in the splendor of the new age. However, the stoic character of the Henan people has not changed so far. They still build their beloved motherland with a cavity. After all, there is no kind of hardship that their ancestors have not experienced......

Both the culture and development

Henan still stands today!

The difference is that today the people of Henan will be more proud of, they will speak with the outsiders who laugh accent confident: I am proud, I am from Henan!

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