100 years ago today, Marta Haley, a veteran spy, undid his coat before execution

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100 years ago today, Marta Haley, a veteran spy, undid his coat before execution

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In the history of world espionage, Marta Haley was considered one of the most legendary spies. The most legendary is that she undid her coat before execution......

It is said that Marta Haley is a success as a hatter's daughter. Her real name mark Lisa Gere Cui Da geli. Her dance, known as the seven veils, was a great success, but her espionage career was even more successful than her dance, and France lost hundreds of thousands of people in the first world war. October 11, 1917 (100 years ago), she was executed for espionage in France - Saina forest.

In fact, Marta Haley formerly known as Margaretha, was born in August 7, 1876 in Holland province of friesland. In 1897 her husband went to Java, learn the local Barea dance, after the divorce and returned to Paris on 1903 as a dancer, after marriage moved to France after setbacks in Paris, during which the change stage name of Marta Haley. In March 13, 1905, Marta Haley in Paris Guimet museum was first performed overnight, Marta Haley with her amazing performances, the Paris entertainment industry into a new realm, she also gradually close to the rich.

Haley was dancing in Paris hundreds of admirers create a great sensation, thousands of francs to night of joy. Her touring show made all of Europe crazy. Although Marta Haley does not have amazing beauty, but her sexy and charming image, so that she spent as a social identity in France, Germany and Russia and other countries of military and political elite. When she lived in Berlin in 1914, she was shocked by the outbreak of the war. She avoided living in Holland, and her dance was no longer enthusiastic and her economy was in trouble. The German Consulate offered her 20 thousand Mark to spy on her in france. Marta Haley said she had received an interview with five British military officers at an accidental opportunity and promised to be a spy for the French army, but the French military had never formally confirmed it.

In January 1917, the German army sent a telegram to Berlin, which described a large amount of intelligence gathered by a German spy named H-21. The French intelligence intercepted this information, and decipher the entire contents quickly identified H-21 as Marta, harriet. It is worth noting that the Germans in the telegram was adopted in France has been previously cracked encoding, which gives later historians left a lot of questions, many people guess whether Germany is meant to implement fanjianji, or as Marta Haley himself said, she is in a double agent identity for the French effect. The Germans are only diehard, all these can make nothing of it. In February 13th, Marta Haley was arrested in her apartment. At this point, France was in a very passive position in the first World War, and morale was low. Hundreds of thousands of allied nations died on the battlefield, so the military government desperately needed to find scapegoats. Perhaps Marta Halisi is the most suitable candidate, she is accused of being a German spy and responsible for the deaths of thousands of soldiers. Although many hypotheses are only from speculation, there is no conclusive evidence, but she is still found guilty,

Since then, Haley often appeared in some French military and political people around them, they did not expect, military secrets from the hands of the female side of the steady stream sent to the German general staff. When she returned to Paris in 1916, she also received a French intelligence service in Paris. When she was looking for a German military attache Fang Karrer in Madrid, the French intelligence officers watched her, she returned to Paris immediately after arrest. She pleaded in vain, for the German military attache just to show the intelligence from his mouth. As a result, martial court law sentenced her to death.

October 11, 1917 (100 years ago), in twentieth Century the most important female spy shot. As a once popular burlesque actor suddenly with a spy shot, this immediately raises a lot of rumors. A rumor is that Marta Haley on his deathbed gave the executioner a kiss, kiss her or she is a lawyer, her former lover. Her last words were "thank you, sir."". Another rumor is that she deliberately undid her coat and bare her breasts to confuse the executioner.

But in 1934, the American magazine New York guest said, "she was dressed in a neat lady suit, with a pair of brand-new white gloves, and everything was specially prepared for the occasion."". The third myth is that Marta Haley was very calm in the execution of the sentence, and refused to wear an eye mask, because she had bribed the executioner earlier and replaced the actual bullet with an empty shell, but the plan failed. From the unknown to the public background country girl to a Paris stripper, double agent until both, to kiss the face of death, Marta Haley's life magnificent legend. Even after she died, she was still talked about, and her experience was made into a movie......

Today, the name of Marta Haley is still being constantly mentioned, of course, there is a lot of added fictional ingredients, but also have a small amount of work has a strong realistic, as a historical study of history. Among the many works, Marta Haley, the famous actress Greta Gabo in 1931, is the most classic. (pay attention to WeChat public number: NJHFHHH, travel history)