The Qing Dynasty how to kill Mongolia? One move will cost Mongolia nearly 9 of its population!

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The Qing Dynasty how to kill Mongolia? One move will cost Mongolia nearly 9 of its population!

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The Qing Dynasty took over the Central Plains and ruled the Central Plains, while the Mongols controlled the territorial rights of the grasslands. According to historical records, the Qing Dynasty and the Mongolian nationality is good neighborly and friendly relations with the Qing Dynasty to Central Plains, eight Mongolia also had a large force, in fact. In fact, the Qing Dynasty has been wary of the Mongols, because Mongolia is strong, see the Mongolian ancestors Gen Gi Khan knew, but in fact there are a Mongolian veins of indomitable spirit, the Mongolian people have strong body, military strength, and even with the Qing Dynasty of war will not fall in the wind.

It is precisely because the Mongols are the strong enemy of the Qing Dynasty, and the territory of Mongolia borders on the Qing Dynasty. If Mongolia rebelled, the Qing Dynasty would be in a very dangerous situation. Therefore, the Qing Dynasty promulgated a series of policies and measures in order to prevent the increase of Mongolia's power and restrict the development of Mongolia.

1. Restrict the Central Plains region to trade with Mongolia and exchange with each other. The Mongols into the Central Plains, Shanhaiguan, etc., can only be entered from several points, but also need to register. This is to prevent the Mongols from entering the Central Plains and to stop the exchanges between the Hans and Mongolia. But the Qing Dynasty has forgotten that the Qing Dynasty can be built, and the contribution of the Mongols is immeasurable. This practice of the Qing Dynasty caused the resentment of the Mongols, but in fact shook the foundation of its rule.

Two: forbid Mongolia to learn the etiquette and culture of Han people. The Han people's culture has a long history and is rich in meaning. The philosophy of life is of great significance to the growth and development of the people. The Mongols also does not allow the use of Chinese language, can only be used in Manchu and Mongolian, and cannot use Chinese name, not the marriage relationship with Han chinese.

Because of the restrictions of the Qing Dynasty on Mongolia, all parts of the country were developing, except that the Mongolia region had been in a backward state and had no change from nomadic existence. The family planning policy has been well documented from the Qing Dynasty. The Manchu people's family planning policy is implemented to limit the population of Mongolia. If a family member of Mongolia has five sons, he must have two to three sons. To this end, the Qing Dynasty also built the Lama Temple in Mongolia, promoted the Buddhist culture, "compassion for the heart", thus paralyzed the masses of Mongolia, and helped the Qing Dynasty governance. The family cannot marry, nor can they have children, which means that some people have no offspring, so the number of people in Mongolia is limited.

Gen Gi Khan was established in Mongolia empire was once how powerful, but this brilliant has no longer exist. In the process of being ruled by the Qing government, the blood of the Mongolian people was obliterated and the population was shrinking. Once, the Mongolia Empire, which had set off half of the world immediately, had gone with history and turned into dust of history.