The quality of a terrible German warships opened a century in Africa

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The quality of a terrible German warships opened a century in Africa

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In East Africa, a wide expanse of mist-covered waters Tanganyika lake, an ordinary passenger, quietly sent to several generations of local residents, service. Is the so-called master in folk, this is called "Liemuba" passenger ship, has a very romantic life. He lived more than a century, witnessing the decline of Germany, the collapse of the colonial system, and the rebirth of the African people.

Trek to distant Africa to join the army

The legendary "Liemuba" was actually a war veteran

In 1913, "Liemuba" predecessor "gotzen count" was laid down in germany. In accordance with the requirements of the two emperor William II, the ship was to impress Europeans and africans. In order to satisfy the little wish of the two emperors, the count of Cen was first built in Germany, then disassembled and put into 5000 boxes, and finally shipped to africa. Do such a big fuss really is not only to attract the eyeballs to Europeans, Africans left a deep impression.

^ "gotzen count".

In June 1915, the "Earl of Earl" was launched into Africa as a ferry, but unexpectedly caught up with the first World War (and I wanted to run the dock quietly, so it was so difficult). So it is in "army" became a gunboat, participated in the battle of lake". But in the war the Germans failed to avoid the enemy capital "gotzen count" was forced to sink the bottom of the lake, is perishing before victory, have not seen the enemy ship to the end of life in disorderly fashion.

* gotzen Earl (Lemba), the gun

A fishing trip of ups and downs

Instead, it's ships from other countries, and the story may end here. But the ship was made in Germany, and everybody knows what it is! So the legend has just begun.

In 1919, a Belgian Working in Sweden discovered it and salvaged, but again a very short time (I just want to quietly run pier and how is it so hard). The boat, which didn't go along with the routine, actually went off with a storm, and then sank back into the lake. But "veteran" said that this is force majeure, the storm came, what can I do?! But, I ', ll, be, back.!

The sinking of the gotzen count"

5 years later, the count of the Earl of noble, who was tired of the lake bottom, was finally discovered and salvaged by the british. And then the climax comes (knocking the blackboard down at this time)!!! The British were surprised to find that the boat was still running, even though it had been under water for so long. So after a renovation, the British gave it was renamed "Liemuba", let it continue to run away (call finally!).

When "Liemuba" with the remains of three German expansion steam engine, one may ask: engine water is no problem? In Germany this quality is not the thing (Liemuba: I want to say is my heart die oay).

"Early" Liemuba "shape has some differences with the current

Amazing quality and after-sales protection


"Liemuba", finally in international aid, diesel engine has been used for the steam engine 55 years (from 1924 the British began to repair it, enhance the computing) your inner beauty.


Or in international aid, a Danish shipyard for a facelift to "Liemuba" ("Liemuba overhaul), then the number is now look.


Blacks also sent a letter to the German government to request changes or modifications to the "Liemuba", the Germans believe that after the inspection or replacement in the ship is more appropriate, because it is more economical than large-scale transformation. And the money was shared by the state of Lowersaxony and the federal government of germany.

Full of international aid ah, who let the black sorghum economy is not developed, no money in his pocket. German products not only high quality, after-sales service is good, even after one hundred years also warranty, replacement. (Liemuba number: Although I have been old, but can run)

Now, already 102 years old "Liemuba", was still in Tanganyika for local people to provide a shipping service. Have to sigh "100 years old veterans" legend experience, also have to admire the German manufacturing process. The German Empire was gone, and the ships of the Empire were still running.

Liemuba number: years left me all memory and a scar, but also gave me the beautiful scenery and the hope of tomorrow, ambition is not old, and you share.

"Herman Joseph's grandfather was" Liemuba "construction worker