More powerful than the king! The nameless Guan three saying that Lu fled out of the country to disaster

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More powerful than the king! The nameless Guan three saying that Lu fled out of the country to disaster

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Lu Zhuang Gong decade spring, Qi HuanGong excuse Lu helped childe correction for Guo Jun Qi bit again Xingbing attack Lu, armies battle was joined at Changshao.

He is not what the authorities, he said that in the future generations of sounds are ashamed:

The meat-eaters are vulgar -- the noblemen are shortsighted and good-for-nothing!

The translation into modern rustic meat eater, means that people in power are short-sighted, not foresight.

This is secondary.

The key is the war his fame, reputation Weizhen enemy, the Duke Zhuang of Lu is entrusted with the task, together with his own strength amazing, Duke Zhuang of Lu will worship him Lu will command of the armed forces.

This is the caogui.

Why can he a famous battle, Megatron enemy fame?

I personally believe that these three aspects worthy of future generations of flesh eating.

First of all, Cao Gui believes that the morale of the pros and cons of a direct relationship between the outcome of war.

Secondly, facing the bingqiangmazhuang Qi forces, not in a hurry with Qi main battle, but hidden, advised Zhuang Gong away from the edge of the Qi army, retreated to the long spoon the easily defensible.

Wait until the Qi army by the three after Cao Guicai ordered to enter the drum. And finally defeated the Qi army done in one vigorous effort.

Finally, always remain sober minded, not be confused by the immediate victory.

When the Duke Zhuang, see the Qi army defeated ordered the chase, but ordered to watch the traces of the Qi army defeated. See traces of the wheels of their confusion, saw their flag down, not feign defeat, but really lost, just orderly pursuit of the drum.

These points, caogui worthy as an outstanding strategist, an outstanding strategist, because he fought not blindly wallop vigorously, but by the slightly, rely on the wisdom to defeat the enemy.

Caogui, although he brave soldiers and no soldiers of the war, there is no on the battlefield strikes, but it can with wisdom, softness, David and Goliath, to small and large.

Wisdom such as water is invisible, seemingly weak, is in virtually, weak among the accumulation of power not seen, and ordered him to accumulate, converging into a river, sea and river, smash all the obstacles.

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