Will China be on the list of the ten most famous axes in the world?

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Will China be on the list of the ten most famous axes in the world?

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this appeared in about 1900 axes, 42.8 cm long, weighs 1.35 kilograms, is southeast of Congo Songye axe clan leader, is it basically live, cannot be used for actual combat. Because the hollow body makes the axe strength greatly reduced, but as a head of accessories, can show the identity and status.

France long handle Tomahawk

Chinese famous axe, the founder of Ming Dynasty general Hu Dahai with this weapon, two yuan will be defeated, beat 100 thousand Jinbing, surrender Creek hole thirty thousand soldiers. Don Li Siye will also use this weapon, had to axe, three thousand rate infantry command of the northern cavalry defeated Mo Dao an lushan. The Southern Song Dynasty General Wang Tak, who with the help of Dapojin Wushu cavalry, cavalry way, special horse leg, Jinbing defeated, Yue Fei also used the axe and hook gun with Dapojin Wushu iron pagoda. A big axe brilliant in the world the most powerful axe.

Viking battle ax

when appropriate efforts to swing Danish long handle or "barbed" Tomahawk, this kind of weapon's lethality is devastating. The design is based on the home chopper, which is seen everywhere in the Viking period, and is adapted to combat. This huge axe head crescent formation cabochon, equipped with a long one to two meters (3.2 to 6.5 feet) of the wooden handle, to tap down, sometimes the axe body would cast into extra hard edged, sometimes also can be cast to become thinner, lighter, more maneuverable and light weapons the. Indian

Indian axe is North American Indians to hunt the beast light short handle axe, the earliest time for productivity reasons, most initially stone and wood, to the 16-17 century colonists gradually ruled America, some European American businessmen have to go gold, give them the Europeans brought metal axe, let them hunt more. The Indians slowly learned how to make iron, and the railroad spike to create an axe. The local Indians learned to build iron axes, and learned to pick up such weapons, fight against them, destroy their forests, and exploit their blood and sweat invaders.

appeared in sixteenth Century, 78 cm long, popular in Eastern Europe, the axe has a out of the ordinary axe, fixed on the handle through the sleeve, the bottom edge is attached to the handle, curved blade design the axe is gorgeous, as Praetorian Guard weapons, but also law enforcement weapons, mainly used for beheading.

India curved blade Tomahawk

appeared in seventeenth Century, is a short ax class, 44 centimeters long, weighing 1 kilograms. Equipped with India cavalry, though small and light, the hatchet is sharp enough to split the helmet and armor of the enemy, and the tip of the hatchet can be used to assassinate and enhance the killing power of the hatchet.

Sui Yong Cheng Yaojin hand weapon. Cheng Yaojin real name Cheng Zhi Festival, the two is a hand weapon, lance, two axes, the lingyange ranked twenty-four hero. Cheng Yaojin ax appeared only in "Sui Tang", and "three axes", but Cheng Yaojin is Cheng Yaojin's lance visible ax is peerless or matchless bravery or valour, a kind of weapon, with lance, brave is invincible.


can sting, can chop on the battlefield, sometimes as a weapon to use immediately. Another famous Eastern Europe axe Tomahawk is widely used on edge, the Tomahawk has up to 60 cm of the axe handle, but only about 1.5 meters, is top-heavy, therefore, the battlefield is used only to chop.

Li Kui China classical novel water margin inside Mangfu, in the infantry against time, he often topless, with double axes with a brute force valorously to hurtle cut, with Comrade shields of occlusion the arrows of body, no one dared to stop Li Kui this Mangfu momentum, Li Kui was armed with a pair of short handle large axe, weapon itself is no special, heavy is rugged, with this double plate ax cut down any enemy resistance is completely invincible!

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