Dong Zhuo has a good hand, why is this a final downfall

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Dong Zhuo has a good hand, why is this a final downfall

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Dong Zhuo in Luoyang, early should want to cooperate with the bureaucracy, to long-term government dominated. But after all, he didn't know the politics of the warlords and had no compromise and reconciliation political skills. He even killed the whole bureaucratic group and brought eighteen Lords.

, first of all, is the abolish emperor.

this is Dong Zhuogan's first political event. At that time Dong Zhuo should be cast aside, for the bureaucratic group support, even want to have patience and a usurper, consolidate the rule again. He meant by waste legislation declared their power, which gave opponents a pretext to know. The reason for the change of the emperor is also ridiculous: because the emperor is cowardly, to change a strong ability. Just think, want to play in the hands of the emperor, which is more fun?

waste time, full Chao Wenwu resentment. Only the Yuan Shao, pull out his sword and Dong Zhuo argue, horse fled to Jizhou. Lu Zhi raised objections, was dismissed from office, if not Cai Yong would have been killed.

second rocket promoted officials, for their own training

gravedigger waste legislation after Dong Zhuo want to get the bureaucratic group support, and promoted a large number of celebrities, the rocket promotion speed is very funny.

Cai Yong is Dong Zhuo was forced out of respect for him. A mountain for three days when running the promotion, soon became a book.

Xun Shuang plain, to go to Wan Ling Guang Lu Xun, three days after promoted to sagong.

because the eunuch killed off, he ordered officials to take the children, hand weapon guard in the hall.

Dong Zhuo also said, listen to the week Wu Qiong suggested that the appointment of a number of celebrities. Han Fu of Jizhou animal husbandry, Liu Dai as governor of Yanzhou, for the descendants of Yuzhou hole Cishi, Zhang Miao as Zhang Ziwei Liu prefect, prefect of Nanyang. At that time, Cao Cao fled, sealed a cavalry captain; Yuan fled to Nanyang, a closure of the Nanyang Prefecture; Yuan Shao fled to Bohai, sealed a prefect of Bohai, who later became the eighteen princes of the main road. Dong Zhuo angry, put out the idea, Wu Qiong said weeks to kill, and a fire burned Luoyang back home, not with the bureaucratic group play, give up hope on politics.

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