The Chinese should be thankful and live in peace and comfort. Look at the corner of the world, the six leaders of the three.

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The Chinese should be thankful and live in peace and comfort. Look at the corner of the world, the six leaders of the three.

2017-12-06 18:40:53 224 ℃

recently, the Arabia world a key leader of death: he was "headshot" all around the world, a sigh.

Chinese people really appreciate the life of peace and stability. Many countries in the world are still in a tumultuous social unrest, and both civilians and leaders dare not say they can save their lives.

to look at this picture of some "strong people" in the Arabia world! Among them, some died, some were under house arrest, some fugitive.

this week, the sunglasses Yemen former president Saleh, fled by Jose armed jiesha! The tragic pictures of his skull was open, quickly spread throughout the world, is really hundred-percent "". In the past seven years,

has launched the latest wave of self revolution in Arabia. It is called another "Arabia revolution" by Western media. The beginning of this vigorous campaign was that the people of Arabia hoped to be able to fight for a more reasonable interest through demonstrations. But numerous social movements as many countries as Arabia in the past, the situation would soon turn to more is not conducive to the side of the masses: the outbreak of violent war in several countries such as Libya and Syria, and it can be used to describe. People in some countries have been trying to find that there is no change in society at all.

first said the white haired man in the front row of the photograph, King Hossain, Jordan, who died in 1999 and did not see the latest unrest in Arabia. King Hossain's greatest achievement, perhaps after many years of war with Israel, has chosen the route of cooperation with Israel and Western countries, eased the tense international relations and curbed the development of domestic extremism. It is not difficult to see, Arabia is the country's dogged by bad luck, perplexing internal and comprehensive results of the Soviet Union and other world powers in order to gain the ruthless interference. This has been revealed in the tragic experiences of several other Arabia leaders.

Saddam Hussein, the handsome beard uncle back in the picture, the former leader of Iraq's famous, was arrested in the U.S. war and years later, and was sentenced to death.

Sadam himself very controversial, he has become quite a powerful country in Iraq a Arabia world, but his ambition continues to expand, first must carry out a long war with Iran, then the wrong judgment the international situation, to attack Kuwait, leading the country into a doomed eternally predicament. But there are many people who believe that the United States has deliberately lured Iraq to attack Kuwait in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating Sadam's powerful regime. When

was completely conquered by US forces in Iraq, he fled for a long time and was eventually arrested and executed. But the most tragic thing is the Iraqi people. Because Sadam's series of mistakes and Western countries' malice make Iraq fall into a dozen years of dogfight. In the near future, the Iraqi government forces finally defeated the extremist factions in their own country, hoping that the people of the country would be able to live a more stable day.

Zain Abidin Ben Ali, a former president of Tunisia, survived the breathtaking Arabia campaign and fled to Saudi Arabia to live in exile.

Ali has been in power for 23 years. It is sad and ridiculous that the first Arabia revolution broke out in Tunisia. Tunisia, however, is a relatively good country in Arabia. Although it can't be compared with the rich countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, the gross domestic product of Tunisia has been growing at an annual rate of nearly 5% per year from about 20 years in 1987. The achievements of the economic development led by Ali were praised by the Arabia state as "the miracle of Tunisia". The people's livelihood is also satisfactory, and it is a very promising country. The results, in 2010 because of the financial crisis, and the accumulation of the unemployment rate rising to 14% of the Tunisian social discontent erupted, especially criticism too extravagant to Ali personal life, detonated in Tunisia and Arabia several other countries were forced to flee the social chain reaction, ali. Perhaps it was because Ali was more open in power and had never been killed on the spot, and was able to live in Saudi Arabia.

forward on the right side, the tall Egyptian President Mubarak, after the outbreak of mass demonstrations were put on trial.

Mubarak was one of the symbolic figures in a "joint" Arabia world, his relationship with the state of Arabia is good, is essentially an ally of the United States, even with the enemies of Israel have a harmonious relationship. But in 2011, he was thrown off the stage and fell into a cold day. However, no matter how many people like President Xi Xi who takes the place of president, Egypt still faces many difficulties, such as economic disarray, serious social division and serious extremism attacks.

in fact, Mubarak's days have been good, and Libya strong man Gadhafi Be, at least he can live in his own family life.

Al-qaddafi, the leader of Libya in 42 years, is the longest ruling leader in Arabia. In his last few years, he made great efforts to improve relations with the western countries and achieved a lot of practical results. But in 2011, Libya received