The first princess, the first domesticated Nanchong, eventually died of depression

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The first princess, the first domesticated Nanchong, eventually died of depression

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Guantao princess is the Han Emperor and empress Dou Di eldest daughter, called Liupiao, the first is the princess of the Han Dynasty, the status is very high, is the only daughter of Queen sinus, and the Han emperor is his mother's sister, is the emperor's aunt is Zhang mother mother. At that time, the princess of Guantao was married to the hereditary Li Hou Tang Hou Chen Wu as his wife. During the period of Emperor Han Wu, he had always been known as the great princess.

Guantao princess was spoiled, so the princess of Guantao has always been a bad tempered man, a bit arrogant, domineering personality.

in the historical records, the princess of Guantao is a conniving woman, his identity is superior, want her to be the queen. After the marriage of Chen Wu, the princess of Guantao gave birth to a daughter, called Chen Ajiao, who wanted to marry his daughter to Prince Edward. However, he did not agree with Liu Rong, the prince. Because she could not bear to see what the princess of Guantao had done, so she didn't agree.

when Liu Che's mother befriend him, she's going to marry her daughter Chen Ajiao Liu Che, has done a lot of things in a corner, causing Liu Rong was deposed Liu Che to the throne. After his daughter of emperor Liuchedang on logical became Queen, Princess of Guantao can be said to all many, very deep.

The Princess of Guantao is a very confused person in addition to having great ambition. After marrying Chen home, did not do a wife should remain in a proper sphere, she began to secretly and other men, private life. Because of being spoiled, other people can't do it with him, as long as they want it.

Chen afternoon after the death of the princess of Guantao life more unscrupulous, legend of Dong Yan is only the beginning of his son and his entourage, but behind a relationship is Nanchong, Princess of Guantao is also open the precedent. The death of her husband, the son of the Dong Yan is the princess of Guantao, in addition to other nobles Nanchong Dong yan.

from the beginning of Guantao, the princess raised Nanchong has become a trend, this let the princess Guantao and Liu Cheyou big contradiction, especially her daughter Chen Ajiao to marry after Wudi, whether it is the princess of Guantao or Chen Ajiao had not happiness.

in Liuchedang emperor, Chen Ajiao has not favored Guantao, the princess is very angry, did not use multiple lessons, also weizifu brother Weiqing caught a beat chaos, finally Weiqing being saved. Liu Che did not directly accuse Guantao of the princess and Chen Ajiao, just to let it more and better weizifu, Chen Ajiao more and more angry. Later, Chen A Jiao palace for disabled son, was found out the Wudi, Chen Ajiao palace, Chen Ajiao finally died in depression.

as a daughter is not happy, the princess of Guantao is also very sad, but she has no way to save. Dong Yan was manager, Yuan Shu to Guantao Princess idea, finally got into. Liu Che knew that he was sorry Guantao their mother and daughter, agreed to become an official master Yan Dong Princess House, and the emperor's relation is better. The princess cured, but later his appearance, down the identity of Yan Dong, Dong Yan gradually let depression, finally died. The princess of Guantao also died of depression, and finally did Dong Yan buried.