Three countries contend for territory, one country suddenly voice: I have Chinese blood, and the result is won.

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Three countries contend for territory, one country suddenly voice: I have Chinese blood, and the result is won.

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in ancient China, there are several small countries in Southeast Asia, which are good relations with China, but rather the recognition of the legitimacy of Chinese regime. This is also a admiration for China's performance.

the relationship between the three countries only Burma and China is tense and has been repeatedly committed from the beginning of the Ming Dynasty.

violated the invasion, and Burma was still angry with China. The friendliest relationship with us is Thailand. Thailand is known as "Siam" in history, and the name is Zhu Yuanzhang. At that time, Asian countries have hope for Hajj Daming, Daming name, Zhu Yuanzhang is not a fortune teller named, was unbearable.

1377, Zhu Yuanzhang copies of letters of Ayutthaya king as "king of Siam", it is officially announced that Thailand can be renamed "Siam", Thailand happy home.

in Burma are very dissatisfied, then rushed to the Burma mutiny, asked Zhu Dici to discuss Daming, book sealed, go back to the surrounding country to show off.

these small countries are roughly the same as China, mainly with worship, occasionally perturbed, and most of the time fight in several countries.

Burma is the most defiant, frequently violated Thailand, Laos and Thailand sometimes tear, said Thailand is very rich, much better off than Burma, Laos, should have the strength, but it beat Burma, why?

the history of Burma is better than Thailand, but the history has been more can play, when the rise of the PYU, Burma is the Warring States period, the Qin Dynasty, killing times surrounding the invincible hand.

later, when the Burma Bagan Dynasty was founded, it was equivalent to the Han Dynasty, and it was also a strong military era. At that time, Thailand Siam Wang Zhaocai was established. Although Thailand has a Daming, but far water can not save near fire, Thailand is beaten by Burma in a very awkward.

the worst thing is the Ming Dynasty Jiajing period, the invasion of Burma suddenly hit the capital of Thailand, to town, and the palace ladies, princess, and folk beauty women are taken as toys to play. Men are all slaves to Burma. This event is like "the battle of China".

Thailand is not always to have a tough character, always turned out, such as Na Li Xuan emperor. At the end of sixteenth Century, Thailand finally brush the sense of presence in Burma, such as in a place where there is no one, not only to kill Burma's top generals, caught many elephants, the Burma large tracts of land in the bag, Burma almost perished. Retribution!

but what is this Nilai emperor?

it is said that he once worked as a slave of the king of Burma, in the disaster, he was sent to Burma as a proton, he was called "Black Prince" in Burma, Wang Xin Wang Mang in the heart is an obedient little quexinyan child, so to sixteen the king of Burma, put him back, he was appointed Deputy Siam Wang, daily work is to guard the gates.

is such a low starting point, he was able to brush out the life to new heights, Burma will run to the edge of the cliff almost subjugation, have to say he is a ruthless role.

should Lichajuena mang Li Xuan has anti heart already too late, then Burma has beat Thailand, in Li Xuan the great the rest of life in Burma has been the Thai people, slaves, lived a life in the darkness.

after the death of

the emperor of NAH Li Xuan, the feeling of existence was finally brushed out, and after years of effort, the Thailand army was driven out of Burma.

in Thailand and Burma for more than 100 years of peace, is never what the intrusive so influential man. More than 100 years later, in the reign of the Qing Dynasty, the war broke out between the two countries.

once again, Burma went out of Thailand, grabbed countless slaves in the capital and put a fire on it. This time a Chinese hero came down from the sky - that is why Thailand said that it was seven points in China, which began with Zheng Xin.

we know that people love to make powerful people up to them to show their relatives not common Thai people too. Since Cheng Xin became the most famous emperor in the history of Thailand, Thais claimed to have half Chinese blood.

Zheng was originally a Cantonese. He was proficient in the four languages, very clever, and very ambitious. After his position, Thailand's vast land in the North was taken back, and then the South was recovered, and the territory of Thailand expanded to the maximum again.

Zheng letter is a very intelligent person, he believes the expansion of territory to the border garrison, the door open, things can not lose?

in order to boost morale, he let the soldiers after dinner will be smashed pots and pans, eat breakfast tomorrow to the city, it is very effective to eat chowhound, to the city, they chowhound struggling to fight, to die to eat. But is this really not a Chinese study?

so, Zheng Xin led the soldiers across the Chao Phraya River, recover the swallow Wu City, called Burma Laochao, Myanmar people called to escape, this time completely over Burma. From the letter to Burma Zheng troops were destroyed, with a few months.

or say Zheng Xin has a very high status in Thailand, which is also called.