And sprinkle sand in the rice soup to the victims, the truth behind the profound economics!

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And sprinkle sand in the rice soup to the victims, the truth behind the profound economics!

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recently know the story is especially interesting: the problem is that

in which users know almost pepper answer to obtain the highest praise, the concise and comprehensive analysis of the principle of economics, behind a place on set people thinking:

, state run factory porridge relief,

and Shen to inspect the porridge factory grabbed a sand sprinkled on porridge,

Ji Xiaolan was very angry and asked what you do and this is

, and Shen said, the real victims of hungry will not care about sand porridge,

to rub rub eat drink will not come,

so as to make the most difficult people to live down.

Ji Xiaolan to see the appearance, and Shen has seen profound logic behind.

, if the disaster relief grain is clean, there is nothing like the ordinary grain. If you think about it with your toes, you will know that there will be a situation of intercepting two levels. I'm afraid there's not much to eat in the mouth of the victims.

more paradoxically, starve to death victims, no one will speak for them.

mixed with sand and looked down in quality, but those who wanted to interception were given up considering the taste of the food and the difficulty of picking the sand.

so, the grain can eventually enter the mouth of the real victims, although there is a hundred times stronger than the death of starvation.

it is said that the emperor heard the matter, praise and shen!

has been promoting affordable housing in the past few years. Economists have suggested that affordable housing should not have independent toilets, but public toilet should be applied. The public outcry, scold what are, like the economist to the poor when people look at the same.

a few years later to see, from time to time, the economic housing owners to open the car, even rental economic housing money. The logic behind this is the same, but to stand cut parts of the house, not to cause the abuse of power.

human nature makes it clear that a good system may not be a bad person, but a bad system will make a good man worse.

sense of bursting, often because justice is cheap.

near Ji Xiaolan, near the Joker, they just are very cheap. Look the rallying cry, that is because "cost and the cost is very low, low to they think themselves is the embodiment of justice. In nineteenth Century the French economist Bastiat

a famous article "visible and invisible", that is the bad economist sees only short-term gains and losses and the appearance of things, but a good economist can see more long-term, also can see the truth behind.

but, is good at time to identify the visionary! When the

tide goes down, the real high men will come out of the water! The

argument is not only applicable to economists, but is also applicable to anyone with the ability to think.

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