Where did Chairman Mao's children go? Why are none of the three daughters surnamed Mao?

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Where did Chairman Mao's children go? Why are none of the three daughters surnamed Mao?

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Chairman Mao, the chief founder of People's Republic of China, was a great leader loved by the Chinese people. Chairman Mao had a total of ten children in his life, and then we came to talk about the situation of the ten children of Chairman Mao.

Chairman Mao and Yang Kaihui co bred three children, namely: Mao Anying, Mao Anqing, Mao Anlong.

Mao Anying, born in 1922, was Chairman Mao's eldest son. In 1936, under the arrangement of the organization, Mao Anying was sent to the Soviet Union to study. In 1946, he returned to the country and joined the Communist Party of China. In 1950, Mao Anying became a volunteer army to the Korean battlefield, and served as a Russian translation and confidential secretary of the volunteer command. In November, it was sacrificed under an air raid by US forces. It was only 28 years old.

Mao Anqing is Chairman Mao's second son, in 1936 with his older brother Mao Anying went to the Soviet Union to study, he returned to China in 1947. After liberation, it was engaged in research in the Academy of Military Sciences. It is worth mentioning that after the sacrifice of Mao Anying, Mao Anqing became the only son of Chairman Mao in the world. In 1970, Mao Xinyu gave birth to a son (the only grandson of Chairman Mao). In March 23, 2007, Mao Anqing died in Beijing.

Mao Anlong was born in 1927. After the sacrifice of Yang Kaihui in 1930, Mao Anlong was sent to his uncle Mao Zemin in Shanghai with his two brothers. In 1931, the emergency treatment of dysentery was invalid. But there is another way of saying about the whereabouts of Mao Anlong. Many people think that Mao Anlong was lost in Shanghai instead of death.

and Chairman Mao Zizhen had six children. The eldest daughter Mao Jinhua was born on 1929, when the Red Army was fighting in Longyan Fujian. Owing to the situation, Mao Jinhua was sent to a family named Yang, who changed his name to Yang Yuehua and lost contact. It was not until 1973 that Yang Yuehua was found and proved to be the golden flower of the year. Now Yang Yuehua is still alive, and many people have advised her to change her surname, but Yang Yuehua said, "I'm all so old, and what does it do?" In

1930, He Zizhen gave birth to Chairman Mao's four son, but soon died. In November 1932, He Zizhen gave birth to fifth sons, Chairman Mao named Mao Anhong, nicknamed maomao. After the Long March, Chairman Mao to give the child to his brother Mao Zetan foster, Mao Zetan later died in battle, Mao Anhong then disappear without a trace. In February 1935, He Zizhen gave birth to a woman during the long march through Guizhou, but the woman's whereabouts were unidentified because of the confusion at the time.

1936, He Zizhen gave birth to a baby girl, Chairman Mao named her Li Min, nicknamed "Jiao Jiao". Many people may not understand why Chairman Mao surnamed Mao, but gave her the name lee. Li Min himself was doubting the question, and later Chairman Mao explained why he had to take the name. It turned out that the Kuomintang army attacked the central revolutionary base area and Chairman Mao's name, "Li Desheng", turned to the north of Shaanxi and fought against the Kuomintang army. Mao Jiaojiao also father's surname Li, "sensitive" word is taken from the "Analects of Confucius" in the "gentleman's speech but quick in action". Later, the name of Li Ne, the daughter of Chairman Mao and Jiang Qing, was taken from this.

Li Min was sent to the Soviet Union since he was 4 years old and lived with her mother, He Zizhen, and was not returned until 1947. Although Li Min is the daughter of Chairman Mao, her life is very different from ordinary people. In her own words, "now I have been thoroughly civilians. If I go to the streets and go to parks, no one will recognize me as Mao Zedong's daughter." In the winter of

1937, He Zizhen was sent to the Soviet Union and gave birth to the last child of her and Chairman Mao in Moscow. He was named "Liao" (Russian name), but soon died.

Chairman Mao and his last wife, Jiang Qing, gave birth to only one daughter, the above mentioned Li Na. In 1940, Li Na was born in Yanan and was the only child of Chairman Mao's children to spend his childhood, youth and youth around Chairman Mao. Li Ne graduated from the Department of history of Peking University and served as secretary of Pinggu County Committee of Beijing and Deputy Secretary of Beijing municipal Party committee in 70s. In 1986, he went to the secretarial Office of the central office and retired after four years. In 2003, he served as a member of the CPPCC National Committee. The ten children of Chairman Mao's ten children now have three daughters, but their lives are not very different from the common people. If they are in the crowd, people can't see them as Chairman Mao's daughter, but only think they are just the old lady.