Why did Stalin propose to replace Lin Biao with fifteen generals?

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Why did Stalin propose to replace Lin Biao with fifteen generals?

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Lin Biao spent a few years in Moscow, and so far little notes have been written. That year was the CPC delegation to the Communist International staff Zhao Yanji recalled: I first met Lin Biao, he is in the period of Anti Japanese war in Pingxingguan won the first big victory after one or two years, the time is 1940, in moscow. I accompany my Russian friends to see my Chinese compatriot. The young generals had a great reputation during the long march and the war of resistance against Japan. I had to try to suppress my feeling of excitement.

after that meeting, I established a relationship with Lin Biao in Moscow. Because he is responsible for the liaison between the Republic, has become my boss. Stalin's courtesy to Lin Biao was obvious. He enjoyed the highest privileged life. In his efforts to study the "key points of the war", he can often meet with the Soviet - Russian first-class theorists. The unique experience of

China revolutionary war, Lin Biao in the Soviet Army increased visibility, attention and favor Stalin. In the spring of 1939, the Second World War faced a critical point. The German army troops in the conquest of Denmark and Norway, and ready to launch a large-scale invasion to france. The Anglo French allied forces along the Maginot line. With this plan clumping, stretches nearly thousands of miles of deep reinforced concrete to prevent the German invasion fortifications. As a neutral country, the Soviet Union did not participate in the war, but closely watched the development of the war. At a wine meeting, Stalin asked the Soviet generals to judge the German strategic intentions and the deployment of the troops. Most of all the possible estimation of Marshal of the Soviet Union concentrated fire, middle attack defense, open the gap, to implement mechanized armored forces penetrated and pursuit; however, no matter how the Nazis, frenzied arrogance, strong in front of the Maginot line, will be time-consuming long, heavy damage.

at that time, Lin Biao was just present. Stalin asked him out of politeness and politeness: "how does Lin Biao think about the trend of the German forces?" "I am not Hitler, but I do not know his true thoughts." Lin Biao laughed and tried to stall the past. "Well? I'm not satisfied with this answer. What would you do if you were a German commander? "Stalin took off his pipe in his mouth and stared at Lin Biao with a sharp eye. Stalin was serious, and the others were flocking up, and the atmosphere was a little tense. Lin Biao still unhurried, he always steady is known, can also draw oil extremely urgent.

"the first few marshals are very clear. However, I advise Comrades not focus too much on the Maginot line. Thing is dead, man is alive. When useful, it is better than steel the Great Wall, impregnable; when it is not used, it is a pile of garbage, not worth half a text. " Lin Biao stunned. "Comrade Lin Biao can speak plainly?", the HUAFA grey templed Budyonny Voroshilov, marshal Timoshenko is not too thin, the look up over thirty young people.

"I mean, if a direct assault on the Maginot line, will take effect, the results of the war as you may expect evolved into a stalemate war, time will be very long; if the bypass line, large-scale detour from the flank, turning attack defense deep in the rear, the Maginot line will useless, the war will soon clear". Lin Biao took a moment and added, "the Red Army often uses this tactic in the struggle against" encirclement and suppression "in the Chinese Soviet area."

this has caused a lot of rumours. It is said that when Lin Biao returned home in 1942, Stalin tried to stay and put forward to Jiang Jieshi to change Lin Biao with fifteen generals. This legend has gone without foot and walked all over the country and increased the position and weight of Lin Biao in the political and military circles in China. When people asked Lin Biao whether the rumors were real, Lin Biao not to say yes or no to a faint smile, said, "I don't know that you are interested in, ask Stalin and President jiang."