The biography of the demon cat, the story of Grandpa's grandfather of Abe Shinzo's grandfather?

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The biography of the demon cat, the story of Grandpa's grandfather of Abe Shinzo's grandfather?

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"demon cat" adapted from the Japanese writer Baku yumeimakura novel "Salmonella.". Baku yumeimakura in fantasy novels well-known, "write" Salmonella is the Japanese monk Kukai Konghai in Datang JiangMo catch demon story .

Kaige Chen of the make snap adaptation of the novel, the protagonist from a single protagonist into two empty and empty the protagonist Bai Juyi, even more Bai Juyi. This is beyond doubt. After all, it is a film directed by a Chinese director for Chinese audiences. But the adaptation and adaptation, after all, can not completely jump out of the model of the novel. Because Japanese is novel, so the story in two Japanese played a huge role, one for air, another for Abe Nakamaro.

Baku yumeimakura novels, outstanding lies in his use of peculiar imagination, different story cleverly blend together, give a reason to. In the "empty" method, he used a span of 30 years, the Tang Dynasty by Sheng Zhuanshuai history together, let Li Bai and Bai Juyi, Abe Nakamaro and Konghai had no intersection of people live in the same story, no sense of violation. This is the ability of an excellent writer. While Kaige Chen's adaptation, also make this point had been developed, the magnificent Xuanzong period to shun Zong Li Song period are dying, all in one piece.

has been circulating a legend in Yamaguchi Prefecture, namely Chinese Yang did not die in Mawei station, but waiting for death, Yang qiantangshi follow Mami Abe Nakamaro to japan. "This is the Mystery Method" and "sea demon cat biography" solution.

will start to dream tapir several historical facts, the story is 805 years from August Shun Zong Lee and then recite the throne in December this year to head, opened 4 months of emperor death cause. of this period, in the royal park near Changan Bai Juyi is writing "song", while the Japanese monk Kukai also in datang.

so he put this several clues together, further leads Bai Juyi to better his poems become immortal works, but also closer to the truth, then hand in hand to explore between Yang and Li Longji. The emotional basis, and to explore the truth of the death of Princess Yang Gui. started the whole process, namely to shun dead history introduction leads to demon cat because of the imagination, and then began to catch demon monk Kukai, in this process will have different characters and stories in series.

said it was a Japanese novel written for the Japanese. After all, in China, it was not Yang's claim that she fled to Japan, and for many years it was agreed that Yang had died directly. Do not understand Japanese for cognition and tangled Yang's death, directly to "demon cat", may have many doubts, don't understand the story why, don't know why there is a saying. Moreover, Kaige Chen also not to reveal the existence of background, so on the part of the audience, it may be really confused, do not understand why you want to tell such a story, do not understand why this story.

after all this is a fantasy novel, Baku yumeimakura is not too much to dig the historical truth, only by the imagination gives a thought of the answer. The control will feel novel, Kaige Chen gives a very good outcome, more than 10 higher than the original state, but overall, the Celtics' films have greatly enhanced the whole novel pattern.

OK, the background explanation is over. In this paper, really want to say, is the two key figures in the story, Abe Nakamaro and the sea. Do not say movies, talk about them in history.

Abe Nakamaro, also translated as Abe Nakamaro, Kaige Chen actually got a starring Abe Hirai, is well intentioned. They are of the same family, Hiroshi Abe is played by their ancestors were generation. In fact, Abe (A Bei), and Andouble, all are the same in Rome, Abe and Andouble are in pinyin, is Abe, there is no difference. In fact, Abe Shinzo, the current Prime Minister of Japan, is indeed a family with Abe Nakamaro. The Japanese football Reggie Abe Yuki, also belong to the same. On the pedigree, below is from Japan Wikipedia. The map of

clearly shows the rheology of the family. At first, the first ancestor of the family was the eighth emperor of Japan, the emperor of filial piety. One more word, the Japanese royal lineage Niubi, since the emperor of Japan since 660 BC Kami Take served as the first emperor of the emperor, had been stretches so far, inheritance has 125 generations, in 2700. (of course, the first 14 are not recorded by the hammer, and the 15 term begins with a clear text record.) According to legend, the eighth emperors were in power for 57 years, and they had four sons. Their eldest son was named "Yan Yan" and "two sons". They were ninth emperors of Kaihua and third fourth sons. They were Yan Tai and Take Yasuhiko. and the Andouble family and the family of the great emperor are the life of the great emperor.

Japanese generally have no surnames for a long time, including the royal family, as well as