Guan Yu miscues why not help?

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Guan Yu miscues why not help?

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Mustang in postwar Xiangfan Guan miscues isolated and helpless. Why did he not help? To solve this problem,

needs to investigate three aspects:

1, Liu Bei's force distribution,

2, Jingzhou traffic and reinforcements,

3, battlefield communications, etc.

Liu Bei's strength is mainly two parts, one in Jingzhou, and one in the middle of Sichuan.

ad 219 years of spring and summer, Liu Bei and Cao Cao for Hanzhoung, Xiangfan summer to Guan yu. On the double line, whether Liu Bei has extra forces to reinforce Jingzhou is well worth studying.

first, Liu Bei had two lines in 215 years: Jingzhou had a confrontation with Sun Quan and Cao Cao was at the same time. As a result, Liu Bei made a concession in Jingzhou, focusing on Hanzhoung. This shows that Liu Bei's military strength is not rich and can not bear double line operations.

again, although the troops Guan Yu time a little later than Hanzhoung, but Hanzhoung lost to Liu Bei, Wu Lan Lei et al Cao Cao of Hanzhoung copper, specially "Zhi Bing, both sides played very hard, so Liu Bei is difficult in the short term energy turnover.

third, Liu Bei immediately transferred Meng Da and Liu Feng to the mediocrity after the war. Meng Da from Yidu, Liu Bei suobu to worry about war, Liu sent letter from Hanzhoung was, as commander in chief. This shows that the number of reserve teams that Liu Bei can mobilize in time is limited, and the force delivery of the double line has reached the limit. And Yidu is in the rear parts of the Meng Da Guan Yu, to stay in the Yong, such as Guan Yu was defeated, keep Yidu fan friends abandoned the city, this shows that Jingzhou has a rear quebingshaoqiang.

to see the available reinforcements. Cao Cao's army continues to go to Xiangfan to the front pile, rapid large-scale reinforcements of Guan Yu, road Sichuan obviously can not only water: along the Yangzi River or along the Yangtze River to han. Liu Feng can join Meng Da with Meng Da in the middle of the war, and the early battle of the war between Liu Bei and Yiling indicates that there is no problem in the channel. The

problem is timing: from Liu Bei to Jingzhou to reinforce the forces behind the action, Liu Bei should have a lot of confidence in Jingzhou, until the year October of the lunar calendar and Guan Yu did not significantly decline. Less than two months after the first time but, Xu Huang rescue of Xiangfan, after Guan Yu and Guan Yu as the enemy, retreat almost at the same time, Sun Wu White River, Lu Xun over a month to the east. After October the situation suddenly reversed, then to save Jingzhou from the sea, is bound to encounter reinforcements.

(Hubei topographic map, upper Yong in Shiyan area today, Zigui is now Yichang)

then contact with communication and other issues. can see that Liu Bei should be able to know the news of Jingzhou from Liu Bei's ability to dispatch Meng Da in Zigui in Hanzhoung. The autumn of August, is also the most offensive of Guan Yu, three things happened: Liu Bei group captured Liu Bei into Hanzhongwang Guan Yu Jin; Wei Yanshou, left Hanzhoung back to Chengdu, the main Guan Yong Liu; please seal department assists refused to. If Liu Bei was able to identify

Guan Yu is difficult, not satisfied with his habit when back to Chengdu, only that Liu Bei et al in the autumn of the war is still at least Jingxiang extreme confidence. Guan Yu please soldiers assists, to a certain extent on the authorities may be aware of their dilemma: according to the "Three Kingdoms" the biography of Guan Yu Sun Wu Meng, a clear attack on the possibility of Jingzhou, leaving a reserve team. Until Meng Lu Xun was replaced, Sun Wu seems to be no threat, the main force in Jingzhou was stripped. But the surface of

victory made Liu Bei almost everyone thought victory in sight, from their 219 years of autumn military mobilization, don't see any benefit even more done in one vigorous effort, strategy attempts to expand the results. The "Three Kingdoms" use "suddenly" two words of Guan Yu's defeat, the situation of the rapid development of visible, Liu Bei et al. Facing the situation or be caught off guard. When Guan Yu lost show, from Chengdu Sichuan, already too late.


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