Waiting for 52 years, she finally married the one being spoiled by 94 years old: if you, never mind how late night | story

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Waiting for 52 years, she finally married the one being spoiled by 94 years old: if you, never mind how late night | story

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, how many people in the name of love in someone else's marriage, but she has to one person waiting for 52 years, they say with respect to love bravely, we lack more like her silence.

-- a little married family,


, some people say that only love and cough can be hidden in the world. But aunt Eileen Chang of Zhang Maoyuan has been in love for 52 years. In

1925, Zhang Maoyuan went to study the piano at the Royal College of Music in England. On the ship to England from Shanghai, she met Li Kaidi.

Li, graduated from Nanyang public school, went to the UK and went to University of Liverpool to study abroad. He is knowledgeable, graceful bearing.

large sea waves, Zhang Maoyuan seasick, vomiting in a complete mess. Li Kaidi is a gentleman, ran back, attentive care. That's what they know.

one evening, Zhang Maoyuan enjoyed the sea view at the bow of the boat. When Li Kaidi saw it, she came over to give her a dress. They chatted in the sunset, Li Kaidi, Zhang Maoyuan also recited poems of Byron.

this year, Zhang Maoyuan was 25 years old. Most of the girls of the same age have been married and born; and she has just learned the taste of love.

Zhang Maoyuan

"among millions of people", "in the thousands of years, the boundless wilderness of time", although Zhang Maoyuan met the people he wanted to meet, but it was still a step later.

1932 September, Dahua hotel in Shanghai, Li Kaidi married, but Zhang Maoyuan is not the bride, bridesmaid.

she was smiling, I sincerely wish Li Kaidi and the bride, refined and courteous, liberal and dignified see no trace of sadness.

Li Kaidi was sentimental to Zhang Maoyuan, so why did he give up?

, someone said, was because he had a marriage, and he did not dare to listen to his parents. Some people say that because he cares about Zhang Maoyuan's family life.

Zhang Maoyuan's grandfather was Li Hongzhang and his father was Zhang Peiguan. In most people's eyes, Zhang is a wealthy family, but Li Kaidi did not climb.

Zhang Maoyuan

Li Hongzhang signed the "Treaty of Shimonoseki", such as a betrayal of national interests of the treaty; Zhang Peiguan in the battle of Fujian for life insurance fled in panic, ruined half of the country Chinese southeast coast; Zhang children mostly good-for-nothing, prostitution, gambling, smoking opium, morphine......

Li Kai brother is a new young man of hot blood and is reluctant to have any relationship with such a family. And the time on the ship was short, not deep in Zhang Maoyuan, but also to restrain his feelings.

so he was on board to take care of her, and she has been chatting, affection, propriety. She has never been in contact with her since he arrived in England.

Zhang Maoyuan's upbringing and innate pride would not allow her to lay down and declare the mind, so she will love deep in my heart.

that's the way they miss each other.

until 1927, after the introduction of friends, only again have a contact. But each one keeps a distance and stops in friendship.

Eileen Chang's father (left two), mother (left four), aunt Zhang Maoyuan (right)


seeing the love just ignite the flames, but Zhang Maoyuan soon extinguished, no self pity, still calm, good life. When

split her family, her brother, Eileen Chang's father, joined up with her half - brother, to calculate her. After eating a loss, she was angry with most of the relatives of Zhang's family, with a broken heritage, and began to feed herself.

on her hand a small legacy did some investment, speculation in the stock market, the purchase of currency hedging, but this is not good, soon lost all.

she was studying in the UK, English is very good, then entered the British Jardine Matheson work. Shortly after the fall of Shanghai, Jardine Matheson performance in China frustrated, Zhang Maoyuan is also a large-scale layoffs, unemployment.

but she soon found a job, a radio broadcaster on a German radio station, a daily news, editorial, and a salary of tens of thousands.

Zhang Maoyuan

is critical for her work. She said: "if a man must eat, sometimes there is no choice, how hard it was dry, said it was his responsibility, and names.

I do not like the family, do a discontented, earn money to frown, frown live, but why?"

so she quit reading an editorial in the radio the envy of others, go to the famous Shanghai Grand Theater to do translation. At the time of the cinema, there was no subtitle on the original film.

Zhang Maoyuan likes this interesting and challenging job and has a taste for it. With their talents and ingenuity, she was the grand theater manager Hu Zhifan phase, appointed as confidential secretary, for ten years.

Zhang Maoyuan in Eddington apartment

Zhang Maoyuan lives in Eddington apartment in Shanghai, Eileen Chang read from Hongkong, and moved to live with her aunt.

Zhang Maoyuan is a modern one