Kneel! Zhejiang has a washboard of more than ten years, a closer look is inscribed in!

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Kneel! Zhejiang has a washboard of more than ten years, a closer look is inscribed in!

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many cultural relics,

has magical legends, ~

, such as the following

, "Jingdezhen kiln blue glaze bowl",

, there are only three pieces left in the world,

is one of the treasures of the capital museum.

but when its holder,

took it to chickens......

and in Zhejiang,

has the same thing!

a month ago, the three room

Taizhou Wenling LuoHeng town village people know that

is used to block the humble paving stone, engraved above even < /strong>

a decree!

this decree is to who?

is Kangxi? like the Qianlong in the south of the Yangtze River? Or? In the village of

with decades of washboard

reads "follow the providence director" and "Guangxu"

village Lin Juming said, in fact, early in the stone, there are at least forty or fifty years, " I remember when seen, but who would have thought it was a baby.

Lin Juming said, the original piece of stone is placed on the entrance to the village pond, because the surface is carved with some friction, has been used as a washboard.

as to what is engraved on it, no one in the village has ever studied it carefully.

said "this stone was moved from the mountain early grave, all the more taboo, thought is the common tombstone inscription."

"more than a month ago, in order to revitalize the land utilization rate, the village was ready to fill the pond. When the stone tablet was intact, it was not damaged, so it changed its location and made paving stones.

"the previous period, the next village also found a stone tablet, they said that it was an old thing, I think of it, we also have a village in the village. We had planned to make the historical and cultural sense of the village stronger. Maybe this stone tablet was a bit of a story.

"we find a few men, the stone dug up from the ground, this stone is 80 cm long, 70 cm wide, 5 cm thick, side side lettering," the lion sword title "relief." A lot of words on the tablet

, you do not know about, see "they think there will be follow the Providence", this sentence in the TV series the decree, and inscribed with the words "emperor", everyone agreed that this should be a treasure. There are three real people's collection of Kangxi


online village LuoHeng town long

Lin Juming contacted the town government,

phoned the Wenling cultural relic protection center,

security experts carefully read every word,

basic judgment,

this is an imperial decree!

expert said that the people of

to show the grand, specially looking for people on the stone inscribed up!

then, experts see the words on the stone tablets extension down:

this is a letter written by the emperor

a letter of commendation in recognition of the Wenling called Lin Xiu Mikuriya

and his grandparents

follow the providence emperor system said: ceremony

patronage of Huang Pei, Mao Xiu the application of tin; Song Award, Chengwei (Chen) filial piety. Er Lin Pu, but Paul Temple department is plus two Lin Ji Xiuzhi grandfather, Qiu Shaoxu, Shi Li Hung sound, Yijuesunmou, Shu Fang on Keli; Mao Tong Ji to imitate one's forebears, playing the feast. This Sun Xiang Wang Boyle, G, presented as the royal doctor Bong straight, tin. In the play, open the original Tang, de Zhong Jiaqing; Pei Silun and tin life, glorious spring chamber.

said: dminer Ji Qing, Yu Fu Sheng Sun Mou early origin; You Lun so parents carrying Yang fan. Er Chen, but Paul Temple department is plus two Lin Xiuzhi (high) his grandmother, Yu De door, China valve has grain Yi Mou, Chuan Fang, Lai concentric to the wife; since the husband Deuteronomy, in the boudoir table number. This Sun Xiang Wang Boyle, G, Seoul pleasant letter. In the play, light Yu Zhai, Chang Zhaotong de Guan Zhihui; Huang Hwan as honing, the color of purple mud.

Guangxu twenty four years at the beginning of six, picking up one month

was writing a letter to praise the emperor!

has a collection of twenty-seven years Guangxu imperial

< strong> "/1ydzximg/0HzCICsB7M" and it is the imperial stele very small characters,


and India like!

"obviously, this is a typical Royal inscription, it is often said that the" Enrong recorded "," Wenling RuoHeng town dangzhengban Institute of government