After the Xuanwu Gate, Li Yuan with 10 word statement, Li Shimin kneel down crying

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After the Xuanwu Gate, Li Yuan with 10 word statement, Li Shimin kneel down crying

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in people's impression, Xuanwumen change is this: Li Jiancheng wanted to kill the king of Qin, so in the Xuanwu Gate is arranged in the ambush, Li Shimin rushed to the gate line, immediately shut down, after a fight, Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji's head. But in the history books, Li Shimin wanted to ambush Li Jiancheng, and the place of ambush was not at Xuanwu Gate. Before and after the incident, he was almost ignorant of the premeditated plan of the former.

Li Jiancheng, Li Yuanji before entering the palace, once got the news of Zhang Jie Yu, know that Li Shimin reported their fornication in the palace. Li Yuanji had advised Li Jiancheng not to go, but Li Jiancheng didn't think there was any problem, because Li Yuan was going to question three princes on this day, which is very important, and the security forces around him will be more than usual, so we should not worry about safety. So the two people passed through the basalt door, and came to the temple of the lake. Li Yuan on board waiting for instance, can be said to the lake house in Li Yuan's eyes.

thought he could see Li Yuan at once. At this time, Li Shimin, who was lying in the vicinity, appeared and followed them. He shouted and shouted. Li Yuanji shot and killed the Li Shimin with his bow, but he couldn't even pull the bow. Li Shimin took the opportunity to shoot Li Jiancheng.

at this time, Ji Keide led the 70 cavalry reinforcements arrived, dozens of people together in archery, Li Yuanji arrow unsaddle, fled. Critical moment, Li Shimin's horse frightened, ran into the side of the woods, I was also not fall on the trees. Li Yuanji saw the opportunity to come, immediately catch up, want to use the bow string Li Shimin. Seeing this, weichijingde horse Savior, Li Yuanji started to run scared legs how to run the horses, soon, Li Yuanji was shot dead weichijingde.

why Li Shimin is not ambushed at the Xuanwu Gate, just to run to the lake hall?

because during the coup, it was equally important to kill Li Jiancheng and control Li Yuan. If only killed Li Jiancheng at the Xuanwu Gate and did not control Li Yuan beforehand, he left Li Yuan a chance to react. He heard the news, Li Shimin's actions may obstruct the troop movements; without his approval, Li Shimin's rebellion is the doings. It is the best choice to go directly to the lake and control Li Yuan and leave some people to ambush the nearby lake hall.

at this time, although there was a danger in the middle, the coup was progressing well. But the bad news that come, East, Qi Fu generals led the two thousand troops to the Xuanwu Gate, want to master. They can get the message that the palace gates, and did not shut down in the coup, that news leaked. If the government forces, Qi into the Xuanwu Gate, then the consequences be unbearable to contemplate, in general the Qin Xuanwu Gate is Zhang Gongjin, "he force, only to retreat to ", a "single" words of the other generals Qin Fu are not in this case, evidence of the ambush in the Xuanwu Gate again.

Xuanwu Gate Tun Wei generals stationed by Qin bought, he did not fight Zhang Gongjin, ready to send troops to resist in the palace, had advised him to wait, don't worry, but he refused to move, shouted, who died heroically. With a strong city wall, both sides fought for a long time and stayed rigid. See no progress, as general Xue Wanche threatened to score the Qin palace, there can be no defense facilities than the Xuanwu Gate, the Qin soldiers are very afraid of.

then, weichijingde took the prince, the king's head to the soldier, the other have failed. The government has been informed of the prince's death, they had come to revenge, to see how the head up? Because the flat against the Xuanwu Gate for a long time, effect, spirit has been lost, before the departure of the anger subsided, gradually become downhearted, rational; then suddenly see the head, aggravated the negative emotions, Li Jiancheng is dead, the Xuanwu Gate Jiugong, even if the Qin palace took again how? Is the world still his Li Shimin? There is no point in continuing resistance.

bigong is not what glorious thing, cannot get down, Li Shimin decided to let weichijingde bear the blame, loyal and brave man, there is a strong deterrent force, must be able to complete the task.

did not take long, weichijingde armed with spears, majestic-looking stood in front of Li Yuan. Before Li Yuan rather baffling was abducted, but can not determine that Li Shimin, now see weichijingde this dress, very frightened, and asked: "who mess today? How do you come to this? "

weichijingde replied: "prince, the king of Qin rebellion, have brought them up, for fear of his majesty so frightened, specially sent me to protect you."

is ah, this kind of thing, in addition to the king, who will do it? Li Yuan is a thorough understanding. Now human Daozu, I fish, Li Yuan asked how to do around the ministers, ministers said that Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji don't have what merit, heart is evil, now the king to kill them, as long as it is deserved, paid right, what things are not guaranteed.

looked courtiers, Li Yuan knew he had been trapped, had said: "good ! This is my early heart. "at that time still did not stop fighting, weichijingde request Li Yuan ordered, let the army by Qin punishment, Li Yuanzhun