The Empress Dowager Ci Xi is really very cruel? How long have you been cheated by a movie

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The Empress Dowager Ci Xi is really very cruel? How long have you been cheated by a movie

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Another concubine Li

movie "behind the screen" reader of Ci Xi in the movie cruel persecution of emperor Xianfeng plot impressive. In the film, Ci Xi and concubine are a pair of enemies.

Li Xianfeng by singing and dancing, exquisitely dainty and ravishingly beautiful, love, don't put Ci Xi in the eyes. The pet, wanted to climb the Ci Xi bend over backwards to her envy unceasingly. After the death of emperor Xianfeng, Ci Xi successfully launched the 1861 coup, to achieve a real power behind the throne, the rulers of the Qing dynasty.

in her elimination of political opponents, eliminate hostile forces, go back to the past and her rivalry remediation Li fei. Ci Xi as Han Lu after the persecution of Qi lady, the beautiful princess and full cut, mounted in a jar, to insult her best feature. The story in the film, gloomy terror, trying to portray Ci Xi as a vicious woman mean guaen, vindictive image.

then, is there a person in history that really has such a person as a princess, is her relationship with Ci Xi really like the film depicted? Did Ci Xi really persecute her in such a brutal way?

and according to the historical records of the Qing palace, Li Qing is his daughter of the sea, he lagrange. The light of seventeen years (1837) on twenty-seven February, than the emperor Xianfeng 6 years younger, 2 years younger than Ci Xi, cian and age. The first year of Xianfeng (1851) and female draft, Li Fei and Ci Xi was selected. Concubine was sealed as a noble person,

Ci Xi was sealed as the orchid. Xianfeng two years (1852), two people in the palace at the same time. Xianfeng four years (1854), Li was appointed Li Bin, Ci Xi was called Yi bin. Xianfeng five years (1855) at the beginning of May seven, the eldest daughter of Emperor Li for emperor Xianfeng production, three days after the letter to Li jin. Xianfeng six years (1856) March 23rd, Ci Xi gave birth to the emperor's eldest son Zaichun, later emperor Tongzhi, the promotion for the Yi fei. Less than 3 months after the death of emperor Xianfeng, Ci Xi in the name of emperor Tongzhi, "Li Xiankao served for years, birth a princess", Jin made her beautiful imperial concubine, concubine beyond this level, a rise of two grades. Tongzhi thirteen years (1874) November, Ci Xi dropped word, letter to Li Li Zun imperial concubine noble toffee, ranking just below the empress dowager.

for many years, Li ailing, often take medicine, in sixteen years Guangxu (1890) died in November 15th, at the age of 54. Third days after her death, the Guangxu emperor personally to the gold coffin libation, salute. Her gold coffin temporarily with Tamura Miya. Guangxu nineteen years (1893) April 18th, Li gold coffin buried in the Qing tombs Dingling Princess Garden coffin chamber. The princess's backyard garden coffin chamber there are 15 Baoding, consists of three rows. Li Ding located in the first row of the middle position, the most distinguished position in the garden coffin chamber.

Li born daughter is the only daughter of emperor Xianfeng, Xianfeng emperor and concubines so much love, Tongzhi nine years (1870) was named Rong Angulinao Aaron princess. The Qing Dynasty system: only daughter to seal the queen of solid Aaron princess, Princess of concubines only letter and. According to this stipulation, the daughter of Li Fei students should be sealed and the princess, but Ci Xi is an exception letter of her proud princess Angulinao lun. Show

above facts, Li not only by Ci Xi's persecution, but by Ci Xi's attention and a series of courtesy, shows that the relationship between Li and Ci Xi is very harmonious. Of course, it is possible for Ci Xi to leave a good reputation after the death of a man.

so, often with a bossy, haggard appearance cruelly Ci Xi and warmth, under the shirt. Maybe it is because Li Fei is obedient and obedient. After Ci Xi firmly grasped the power of the state and the Imperial Palace, Li Fei did not pose any threat to her, so she was so courteous to her. But if anyone dares to go against her will, challenging her authority, Ci Xi revealed that the other faces. It was seen from her attitude to her daughter-in-law.