"God" in the hands of weapons on the ancient battlefield really invincible?

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"God" in the hands of weapons on the ancient battlefield really invincible?

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erlangshen, also known as Erlang is essentially true gentleman, Erlang Zhenjun, filling the mouth of God, the king of Chicheng, Qingyuan Miao road Zhenjun and so on, is our folk beliefs and Taoist gods characters.

believes that most people of his original understanding should be in "journey to the west", especially Sun Wukong upset the peach will steal the elixir Laojun back after Huaguoshan, erlangshen and Sun Wukong that a war, whether the two changes or war are well-matched in strength.

played on erlangshen is described in the book "journey to the west":

appearance clear handsome appearance open, two lobes shoulder mesh is light. Wearing three feifeng hat, wearing a pale yellow collar.

ray of golden shoe lining Panlong socks, Jade Flower eight makeup. Waist Ku slingshot crescent, holding three sharp edged gun.

has been playing the ax Momoyama mountain, Luo Cong double phoenix. Eight a strange force by far, Meishan seven St. for righteousness.

heart does not recognize the day dependent, proud to sex God live guanjiang. Aki Akimegumi Yinglingsheng, manifest the boundless, Er Lang.

the book clearly wrote in "the journey to the West erlangshen his waist Ku slingshot new tricks, holding three sharp edged gun. Majestic-looking。 Three sharp edged gun also called three sharp edged halberd, but it is commonly known as the three sharp edged knife. Perhaps the ancient poetry pays attention to the rhyme. In order to press on this ang rhyme in the journey to the west, the words of the knife and the halberd are gone, so the word is used.

three sharp edged knife is a long weapon, the front ends of the mechanical knife blade are both sides of the trigeminal, blade, constitute the unique method, with the use of the general method of the trigeminal broadsword, front end can lock, shovel knife use, coupled with the footwork body, dance, and constitute a complete set of routines.

Hongkong today less send this information from mechanical drills, and now Shandong Jingwu Shaolin mantis and the mechanical transmission.

three sharp edged knife belongs to a special weapon, not within the diversified skills. Molinianjian Xie Zhaoxi "miscellanies" Five: "Eighteen: a bow, like two horses, four knives, five guns, six swords, spears, shields, eight axes, nine seven, ten eleven Tomahawk halberd, the whip, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, Jian Shu, fifteen fork, sixteen head, seventeen cotton eighteen, down a rope noose."

between Yuan and Ming Shi Naian "Water Margin" second: "the eighteen Wu Yi, hammer spear bow crossbow gun, whip Jane Jianlian Laos, axe and Geji, rod and gun grilled card." There is no other weapons such as knives, boss, three sharp edged knife, PEG, dagger, Yuanyang Yue, yin and Yang Rui, champion pen, ruler, rope dart three section stick and so on were not included.

three pointed double-edged blade although called knife, actually more like with long handled sword, hilt length is about two meters, in order to increase the cutting ability, the blade part is higher than the sword is much wider, and the knife body front done and sharp wide. Because the front end of the knife body is a double-edged Trident form, so there are "three sharp edged knife" said. The

blade is 75cm long, much shorter than a large knife. Including the handle of the knife, the total length is about 3M, and the weight is about 9kg. In order to use it more flexible, also made of 2m long.

the earliest double blade long handle knife appeared in the Western Han Dynasty. Is a specialized for slashing cavalry weapons, the "chop horse sword".

Erlang knife disadvantage is that in actual cutting, double-edged blade often broken. In order to solve this problem, the blade part must be thickened. But as a common sword of short weapons, the blade can not be added too thick. This appeared in a long handle with a wide and thick double-edged blade, this is the sword cut ma.

based on cut Ma sword, in the Sui and Tang Dynasties appeared Mo dao. The army of the Tang Dynasty was armed with such weapons. Such weapons can still be seen in the royal house of the Japanese storehouse.

"in the Song Dynasty by Wu fell to the knife" is a double-edged sword, is also from the development of the Mo dao. Only after the Ming Dynasty, the double blade long - handle knife was called the Erlang knife.

the name of "Erlang knife" comes from the Ming Dynasty "Fengshen" and "the journey to the west" novels, the God of the Erlang Zhen Jun. In the novel the erlangshen favorite knife is sharp edged knife, three. Because of the wide spread of these novels, they are used to call this weapon as the Erlang knife.

Chinese then in the long history, what historical figures use is the singular form of magic?

by using a special weapon rendering character, can be considered the first in the history of Water Margin in people. Said he was the first person, in fact, because Shi Jin was the first person to come out of the one hundred and eight.

maybe because of this, Shi Naian is more careful about his portrays. In the novel history in martial arts is about weak class, but the character is quite distinctive, chivalrous gallant, battle of