Why does the Tokyo trial do not judge the emperor of Japan? Just because a lawyer secretly said a word

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Why does the Tokyo trial do not judge the emperor of Japan? Just because a lawyer secretly said a word

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such as the war in the Pacific war responsibility, in order not to let the emperor appear, Keenan must let Tojo take full responsibility to bear down, by Hata Shunroku's lawyer Kanzaki Jungyi gave Tojo a message to let Tojo in court "his majesty is pacifists hated war, the war against Tojo E I your Majesty's desire of war". Who knew Tojo was going to die or not, and shouted at Shenqi? "You have to think about eight GA. I am not a non citizen. How can I do something against your majesty?"

shyazaki roared: "so just say it, and drag your majesty to testify?" It's just as if you're quite spacious here, and it doesn't matter to you. Is that what you mean? You are "alive to capture" war "training" of the author, has lived up to now, what can not stand the shame? For your majesty, do you know? "

to the East.

but to the East and a court ball dropped.

officially began the trial of the Pacific War since the end of 1947. The December 31st trial, prosecutors in Taiwan on the joke to the emperor's interior minister Kiko Yukichi angry accused a news blackout, defense lawyer turned for the testimony of Tojo E.

Tojo E

Tojo has to remember their "once fooled by your majesty", but do not know everyone in the blind Majesty ", which of course is called the prosecutor Keenan's negligence, I saw Tojo E stand up, awe inspiring and proudly refuted:" no such thing, at least as prime minister the Secretary and the Secretary of the army Tojo don't know anything about this. This is simply nonsense, lack of basic common sense nonsense, you know Japanese subjects would not be possible to attempt to deceive your majesty, not to say that the official in the minister position, so this is not possible."

finished, the chief prosecutor Keenan a shriek, and has held the mind to the chief justice of emperor Webb to trial the eyeful of green light.

Ji Nan didn't attend to the court practice. As a general prosecutor, Tojo interrupted his testimony abruptly. "Tojo defendant, because the Japanese army has not existed now, it is no longer necessary to call you the general of the East strip. Do you know what you are talking about? Are you declaring that you are innocent or want to continue to carry out militaristic propaganda in this court? "

this is not what the prosecutor does. What does the court discipline have to do with the prosecutor? Why did the Lord Webb stop to stop the East bar? So he was rejected by the protest of the defense lawyer, of course.

has a sentence called "the butt decides the head", which is to say what a person's butt sits in where his head is thinking.

now Weber is such, whether he wanted to pull the emperor to trial, but he is now sitting in the "chief justice" this piece of gold, or marshal ye give him down, he can only think of maintenance Marshal Ye, he saw a hammer knock: "an adjournment."

is the new year's Day second days of rest, the third day should court, but because the 3 day and 4 day respectively on Saturday and Sunday, the court hearing the defendant to pretend not lazy time to the sense of partnership.

the hexini insider in fact now is unknown, only know that there may be a sense in Kiko Yuki's son Kiko Takahiko, and the odd Tanaka Takayoshi. This is the "Tokyo trial" of the film is described as the older generation of proletarian revolutionaries of rear admiral Tanaka Takayoshi's story we can find to write the blog, here is the love.

anyway, when Tojo resumed the court in January 5th, his testimony became like this: "what I said last time is my national feelings, which is not directly related to specific responsibilities, but has nothing to do with the war responsibility of Mikado."

prosecutor: "but don't you actually go to the United States, Britain and Holland?"

Tojo: "it's my cabinet."

prosecutor: "is that war inevitable, isn't it the meaning of the emperor of Hirohito?"

Tojo: "it's the constant advice of me and the other leaders of the command. In fact, the fact that your majesty has been at the end is still very reluctant. Your majesty very peaceful, until finally insisted on writing the "last resort" in the imperial edict war ", and the imperial edict in the drafting of the cabinet and none of these words, this means that your majesty is very peaceful."

out of the answer, no flaws, and the zipper pull up, so the emperor's war responsibility in leading the Lord Marshal settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Although in later justice Webb also proposed such as "besides you, who mentioned the war to the emperor" insidious problems like, but has the alarm bells ringing and Tojo E never fooled, but Webb is not seriously questioning, then he is not the prosecutor, anyway, this would settle a matter by leaving it unsettled.

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