The ten most famous palace coup in Chinese history took up three times in the Tang Dynasty.

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The ten most famous palace coup in Chinese history took up three times in the Tang Dynasty.

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the court coup in China has a long history. The loss of the country in Taikang, according to the present view, should be a successful court coup. So, what are the ten most famous palace coups in Chinese history?

the first should be the sand dunes change. In 210 B.C., the first emperor of the Qin Dynasty died on the patrol. The eunuch Zhao Gao stress left with Li Si Chuan he tampered with the imperial edict, Prince Prince Fusu, changed Hu Hai as emperor.

second is Zhou 'an Liu. Bo Zhou lvhou died, Cao Can, et al. Put forward the "Baima covenant", an LV, and destroy the little emperor of the Li Lu, crowned Liu Bangzi king Liu Heng for the Han emperor.

third should be the usurper Wang Mang. After the death of the emperor of Han Ping, Wang Mang, a regent, called "the emperor". Two years later, Wang Mang was forced to force Liu Ying to present the "demise", the imperial throne "let" to myself.

Fourth, the change of Gaoping mausoleum. In the spring of 249 ad, while Sima Yi accompanied by Cao Shuang son Cao Fang out the mausoleum of the machine, the coup, then control the affairs of state, set the basis for later generations of Sima Cao.

fifth, Yang Jian generation week. 580 years, Emperor Xuan died of disease, Yang Jian came to power after the killing of the kings of Zhou, shuaibing Yuchi Jiong, Wang Qian and Sima Xiao put down the rebellion to. In 581 ad, Emperor Yang Jian Jing emperor Shanrang in.

sixth, basalt gate change. In 626 ad, Li Shimin ambush Xuanwu, killing his brother Li Jiancheng and brother Li Yuanji. Li Yuan had to pass to Li Shimin, himself relegated to the overlord.

seventh, Zhang, Cui Fu Tang. In 705 ad, Wu Zetian was seriously ill. Zhang Jianzhi, Cui Xuanwei took the opportunity to capture the rebellion, Xuanwu, beheaded, Zhang Yizhi Zhang Zongchang, and forced Wu Zetian to abdicate, crowned Prince Li Xian ascended the throne.

eighth, Tang Long coup. In 710 ad, Wang Lidan, the third son of Wang Lidan, Li Longji and Princess Taiping launched a coup. Kills the queen of Wei, the princess of peace, and compel Tang Shao emperor Li Zhongmao to retreat, let Li Dan restore to Tang Rui.

ninth, mutiny. 959 years, Zhou Shizong Chai Rong, Zhou Gong Chai Chai Kung and the throne. Zhao Kuangyin and Zhao Pu plotting mutiny, Chen Qiao in the emperor, Zhou Gongdi was forced to abdicate the throne, Zhao Kuangyin established the song dynasty.

tenth, Nangong restoration. In 1457, Shi Heng, Xu Youzhen, Cao Jixiang et al Nangong break the door, made by Dai Zong imprisoned in Nangong in Qizhen Zhu Ming Yingzong Fengtian Palace restoration.

some people may ask, you say the ten coup, how even the "eight kings rebellion", "battle" are not, this is not scientific!

Dapeng's understanding of this problem. "Eight kings rebellion", "battle" is a massive fan of chaos, the number of casualties is relatively large, a palace coup should not bleeding or bleeding.

look at these ten court coups, the Tang Dynasty occupied three times, and all happened in Xuanwu Gate. Why?

one, Li Shimin opened a very good head, everybody thinks that only by fighting to be emperor, so in the Tang Dynasty, a word not just to lift the table things in a coup attempt.

the second, the basalt gate is the main gate of the north, the position is very important. Because the Xuanwu gate control can control the Imperial Palace, the emperor to control, control of the central government, and even the whole country.

do you think this is the truth?