Jiang Jieshi losing streak, Zhou Enlai sent him to help the military fight, a foreign terror victory!

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Jiang Jieshi losing streak, Zhou Enlai sent him to help the military fight, a foreign terror victory!

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(Chen Guanren's original, published in a little information and Phoenix, was not allowed to reprint, draft and grab without permission). In July

1937, the war of resistance broke out. However, the Kuomintang army in the battle of Shanghai, battle of Nanjing division mourning lost, even defeat, get the jittery.

1938 in March 9th, Zhou Enlai in Wuhan and Xie Jianying to the staff counselor Zhang Aiping here. Zhou Enlai said: "my, give you a special task."

"what task?" Zhang Aiping asked.

Xie Jianying said, "you'll go to Xuzhou for Li Zongren and help him fight."

Zhou Enlai said, "I talked about it to Bai Chongxi a few days ago and now send you to do the work of Li Zongren." As he came to the map, he introduced the situation to Zhang Aiping.

originally, after Japanese troops occupied Shanghai and Nanjing, they were preparing to attack Xuzhou by North and South attack. At one glance, Zhou Enlai and Xie Jianying saw the enemy's intentions, and thought they could not resist the march of the Japanese army. The Kuomintang was stationed in Xuzhou, the commander of the fifth war zone commander, Li Zongren. If he fought against the Japanese army in the south of Ji'nan and north of Xuzhou, he would be presumptuous.

few days ago, just the KMT vice chief of staff of the Changbai Chongxi to Xuzhou, Zhou Enlai called on the line. Zhou Enlai told him this idea, and said: "the Taierzhuang City Department of Shandong, to a hotly contested spot for the military. The excellency and Mr. Mune Hito have concentrated the strength of strength, and the enemy can be annihilated here. "

Bai Chongxi promised to personally told Li Zongren this proposal. However, after he arrived in Xuzhou, he had never seen Li Zongren's action. Two Japanese divisions are targeting Taierzhuang, Xuzhou began encirclement. Such a chance must not be missed。 So Zhou Enlai and Xie Jianying decided to send Zhang Aiping to urge Li Zongren.

Zhang Aiping arrived in Xuzhou, met Li Zongren, and personally conveyed Zhou Enlai and Xie Jianying's recommendations. Li Zongren said: "the findings are just how to implement, is under consideration."

"commander, please." Zhang Aiping said, "this war be fought, sooner rather than later, it should not be scattered, should not be delayed."

"why do you say so, what's the truth?"

"commander of the Anti Japanese patriotic, legendary. The Guangxi army is male Wu Shan and well-known in the world, now he wants to play, as long as the enemy to fight, can win this battle."

Zhang Aiping said, Li Zongren is still not accepted. Zhang Aiping then said: "the Japanese emphasis arrogant bully me everything, really too sheng. A conscientious Chinese soldier can tolerate them going on! "

"bad ghost! Chairman but they do!" Li Zongren said.

Japan is now alone, but a bogey, it is a good opportunity to combat." Zhang Aiping said anxiously, "this war fought, no delay, the Japanese invasion of Xuzhou!"

Li Zongren nodded slightly: "you say if you play, how do you play?"

"Comrade En Lai advocated that" I think the point Dayuan ", is to use this style of play." Zhang Aiping specifically said: "Ji'nan, Xuzhou line of complex terrain, is an ambush. To our knowledge, this lineup, set for victory." Then, he used his finger to live in Taierzhuang!

"good! Taierzhuang, hit! "

Li Zongren was finally persuaded by Zhang Aiping.

the afternoon of the second day, he called Zhang Aiping over, with analysis of the enemy, the soldiers began to send the cloth.

Zhang Aiping left Xuzhou on the third day, the second army commander Li Zongren Sun Lianzhong summoned to Xuzhou, he ordered the rate to Taierzhuang. In March 23rd, the Taierzhuang war struck. After a month of fighting, killing thirty thousand, a serious blow to the arrogance of the Japanese, the KMT has achieved a great victory since the war, shocked the Chinese and foreign.

time after 26 years, Li Zongren returned from overseas, marshal Chen Yi hosted a dinner for him in Beijing, invited the deputy chief of Staff Admiral Zhang Aiping company. Li Zongren shook Zhang Aiping's hand, said: "we see a familiar yet, be in what place?"

Zhang Aiping said: "in Taierzhuang before the battle!"

before Zhang Aiping and Li Zongren suddenly remembered and said, "you are the senior year En Lai sent! You are the big power Taierzhuang victory!" Then he said to Chen Yi: "the Senate is only general Zhang, ah!"

Chen Yi said, "he is now the chief of the deputy chief of staff." Li Zongren, deputy chief of staff of

, suddenly recalled Bai Chongxi, the deputy chief of staff of the year. He said, "Zhang's chief of staff is much more powerful than my white chief of staff. He didn't convince me, a deputy chief of staff of three words convinced me! Great general! "