There are ten coincidences in Chinese and Western history, and they are not materialistic after seeing them!

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There are ten coincidences in Chinese and Western history, and they are not materialistic after seeing them!

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vs Chinese, Emperor Yan Dynasty Egyptian pyramids

3000 BC

Egyptian pyramids Dynasty,

and Sima Qian "just remember" recorded in the history of

Chinese Yan Emperor, Emperor produced at the same time.

both are Siwon of the ancient culture of the East and the West.

coincidence two:

Babylon lunar calendar vs Chinese lunar

20 BC to eighteenth Century

Babylon created the moon revolves around the earth cycle calculation of the lunar calendar.

it and use China the lunar calendar,


are not only at the same time, every 2 to 3 years for a month.

two are the same.


: the coincidence of ancient Greece and Rome Culture vs

6 BC to third Century

of ancient Greece and Rome cultural heyday,

also coincided with the spring and Autumn period Chinese.

things are all in the West:

academic contention of a hundred schools of thought of Socrates, Platon, Aristotle, Confucius, Mo-tse,

Chinese Lao Tzu, Chuang-tzu;


is the military genius in Western Persian king Cyrus, Macedonia Alexander the great,

Sun Wu, Wu Qi, Sun Bin Chinese etc..

this is a glorious age.

coincidence four:

India Shakya Muni vs China Confucius

China Confucius and India Shakya Muni were born at the same time,

two people age is only 14 years old.

created a

traditional oriental culture -- Confucianism, which has lasted for more than 3000 years.

has created one of the world's largest

religions -- Buddhism.

two people one east one west, one Confucianism and one Buddha,

all have a great influence on the world.


Rome: coincidence collapse of the Empire of vs

in the fourth Century Western barbarian invasion,


Chinese coincided with the collapse of the Empire, five at the Central Plains,

Jin De Wang Zhaofu.

in the year 395, Rome split into the eastern Rome;

in the year 317, Chinese split into

in the north of the sixteen nations and the south of the Eastern Jin dynasty. Six:

coincidence vs Arabia Tang Empire Empire

632 ad

Li Yuan and his son Li Shimin unified the country,

established the Tang Empire;

Mohamed's attack on Mecca,

created the Arabia empire.

the two countries were ranked West

, equally strong, prosperous,

also broad territory.

coincidence seven:

Crusade Jinyuan vs

European Organization for the Crusades in Arabia state, Mongolia,

and Jurchen to invade the South Song almost at the same time two.

began in early twelfth Century,

spread for 200 years, and

ended in the end of thirteenth Century.

coincidence eight:

, Russia, Peter, the great emperor vs, China's emperor Kangxi,

, Peter Peter and Kangxi of China.

Kangxi died in 1722, and Peter died in 1725.

Peter, a Russian Empire, Emperor Kangxi

laid the most powerful Dynasty East

, two people all were a main style.


vs coincidence playwright Shakespeare playwright Tang Xianzu

, the famous British playwright Shakespeare,

and China outstanding playwright Tang Xianzu

, not only is the same time,

and with in 1616 died.

Shakespeare is known as the western drama king,

Tang Xianzu was the epitome of nanxi.

coincidence 10:

"Homa epic" vs "Book of Songs"

Great Western historical masterpiece "Homa epic",

is produced in 9 BC to eighth Century,

and Chinese great Poetry Classics "Book of Songs" have exactly the same age.

both things are reflected, and

is the most dazzling brilliance of the world poetry world.