Zhu Geliang Sima Yi Wu Shu Wei on what the Three Kingdoms

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Zhu Geliang Sima Yi Wu Shu Wei on what the Three Kingdoms

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"rolling in the Yangtze River eastward, spray hero. Is the success or failure to turn the head empty, the green mountain is still in, several degrees of sunset red... " A TV drama "cries of dragons and tigers is a hero", a song. By four the three times, the brightest dignity you Changba me play, leading the trend for decades, staged a wonderful drama.

If Shu Zhu Geliang Cao Weiyou Sima Yi who is the mainstay, Optimus Prime stone, and on what then Soochow against Shu Han and Wei?

in fact, east Wu Liguo for nearly 60 years, life is longer than the Wei and Shu, nature is the heroes, should not be underestimated. Among them, the four generals, called the state political power beam column, up 60 years the soochow.

Zhou Yu: the romantic beauty of her husband

many people know about Zhou Yu, is from the "Three Kingdoms". In this novel, Zhou Yu was portrayed as a wunderkind, narrow-minded person. The story of Zhu Geliang's three breath of Zhou Yu is more relish. In the end, Zhou Yu was cracked and fell on the horse, leaving the sigh of "not only He Shengliang," and died.

actually, Zhou Yu is not a narrow - minded person. In real history, there was no conflict between Zhou Yu and Zhu Geliang. The so-called "Zhu Geliang three Qi Zhou Yu", is only Luo Guanzhong in order to highlight Zhu Geliang's glorious image, deliberately depreciate Zhou Yu's artistic technique.

Zhou Yu became famous very early. When he was 20 years old, he became a general commander of sun CE, and won many victories. At the age of 24, Zhou Yu and sun CE were married and Joe Cole stunning beauty, become a story. Many years later, Su Dongpo would sing: "way back Gongjin year, Joe married early," says is the story.

nature, Zhou Yu's military career, Liu Bei is arrogant United beat Cao Cao in the battle of chibi. A raging fire, almost burned Cao Cao's family.

unfortunate, jealous of the talent, Zhou Yu was only 35 years old and died in bqiu (now Yueyang, Hunan).

, the Southern Song Dynasty writer Fan Chengda said: "the world hero hero scholar, the romantic beauty of her husband."

: Lord Xian Chen Lu Su is in accordance with the "text-align: start"

when Cao Cao was 800 thousand, the army of the south, in a threatening manner to attack soochow. Sun Quan held a meeting to discuss how to deal with it. Unexpectedly, all the generals persuaded Sun Quan to surrender Cao Cao. "All of them advise the right to welcome it." But he not to utter a single word. Sun Quan got up on the toilet, he caught up, Sun Quan said: "this can meet Su Cao ears, such as general, but not. What do you say? This Su Ying fuck, fuck when to pay Su Xiangdang, its fame, and yet in the next Cao, calf by car, from the soldiers, friends Shihlin, so tired officer without loss of states. The general welcomes the fuck, and wants peace to return?

means that when we surrender to Cao Cao, he can also make us a small official. When you surrender to Cao Cao, what position will he give you?

a word awakens the person in a dream. Sun Quan finally decided to contact Liu Kangcao, beat Cao Cao in the battle of Chibi, laid the foundation of the three kingdoms.

in general, is a more friendly to Lu Su Shu attitude, with Liu Bei and Zhu Geliang's relatively harmonious. Because of this, 217 years young Lu Su died, Zhu Geliang also sent sorrow".

the Tang Dynasty poet Zhou Tan Chan said: "see the Xian Chen lchi prize righteousness and benevolence above wealth, is in accordance with the."

Meng Sheng Zhang Liang: the vast bulk of

once, Sun Quan Meng read more advice. Meng who said he was busy. Sun Quan said, "you are busy, can I be busy?" I want to read all the time, and what do you do? " You wake up and begin to read.

met soon, Lu Su LV Meng and listen to his words, was shocked: "I called brother but Wulue ear, as this knowledge, InBev, not an ignorant person."

Meng replied: "after three days, more regard with special esteem."

so, Meng for our dedication to the two phrase "an ignorant person" "after three days when regard with special esteem".

but a lot of people Meng impression is not good, because he beat the legendary Guan yu. This is also the Meng military career peak of the war.

replace Meng Lu Su to will, guarding the land. Initially, you eager to Guan Yu, Guan Yu. Later, the unauthorized seizure of storage in Hunan Wu Guan Yu off food,