Wang agents "overlord": hand gun archery, and later married Hu Lancheng

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Wang agents "overlord": hand gun archery, and later married Hu Lancheng

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is originally from the Qing Dynasty Kangxi since the first large occupied Shanghai underworld, great influence. After the Republic of China, the Kuomintang was used by the Kuomintang and became a tool for the rulers. Before the war, Li Shiqun received the green gang boss Ji Yunqing help, at the moment, Li Shiqun could not help from green hands across Shanghai to their disciples and followers. The hooligans have milk is a Niang, Li Shiqun is ready to use money to buy it, the expansion of the traitor agents. He found Ji Yunqing to ask him for help, Ji Yunqing put the gambling table Zhu Shunlin, Xu Fubao in the West Shanghai introduced to Li Shiqun, but the two men because of gambling revenue, refused to No. 76. Then, at Li Shiqun's request, Ji Yunqing introduced the dry son-in-law Wu Sibao to Li Shiqun.


Wu Sibao and his brother Tu, treasure, fortune, Yun Fu. People in Nantong, Jiangsu, are born in Shanghai. Their parents sell boiled water for a living, but they are the origin of the urban poor. When he was young, his parents died, and Wu Sibao lived with her sister. Because of her husband is Shanghai Racecourse groom, Wu Sibao also became a racecourse stableboy, also run errands for the police station, "said Malis small sibao".

adult Wu Sibao tall, aggressive, with grudges with people, enemies with a gold bracelet price to set fire to dead servant Wu's son. Soon, Wu Sibao with his wife and other people, because the background is very big, Wu Sibao did not dare to fight, only secretly angry. A drink to the small brothers talk, that he will come forward to help his evil associates to kill enemies, and drop the murder. As a refuge, Wu Sibao fled to Ji'nan, first under Zhang Zongchang straight Lu coalition as a machine pedal team captain. The two expedition after the defeat of Zhang Zongchang, Wu Sibao to Bai Chongxi's army. 4 years later, he returned to Shanghai, first for the green "rogue" Zi Rong Binggen when the driver, and then to Ji Yunqing when the driver and bodyguard.

76 leader Li Shiqun

was in fact the people in possession of all kinds of pistols, who damaged the old man on the back of Ji Yunqing, by Wu Sibao to his garage from home, go by car repair, lathe equipment after it had been repaired by Wu Sibao to get outside the gun, therefore, Wu Sibao marksmanship progress, he tried all kinds of guns, no danger of anything going wrong. In Ji Yunqing under the door, Wu Sibao is famous and extremely cruel and merciless, a good marksmanship, often need to use the gun thing, by Wu Sibao. A lot of friends

Ji Yunqing in the arena, he is also afraid of revenge, not by a bodyguard, driver Wu Sibao bodyguard, encountered something, Wu Sibao shot, so there is a crack shot, sharpshooter said in circles. Shortly after

, Wu Sibao became acquainted with another woman, She Aizhen, who had influenced his life.

She Aizhen, a native of Guangdong, was born in Shanghai. His father was taking tea, although She Aizhen was born three Chiam too, but she was the most loved father please be clever and sensible. She Aizhen graduated from Shanghai Qixiu school, romantic outstanding, shrewd, is Ji Yunqing's daughter.

, Hu Lan Cheng

, She Aizhen had a failed marriage, and then married Wu Sibao. She acquired a hand with Wu Sibao good marksmanship, and two hands, emission. Later in the puppet agent activities, She Aizhen actively responsible for the arrest and trial to give advice and suggestions, to torture prisoners, extremely cruel and merciless is a major player in 76, spies, anti Japanese people's blood on your hands. She was sentenced to 10 years in the national government after the war, was released after Hongkong to Japan in 1955, and culture traitor Hu Lancheng married in Japan, this is the case.

Ma Zhendu, army, office of agent 76, Chongqing press, first edition, October 2017.

Ma Zhen, curator and research librarian of China's second history archives. Nanjing University, the research center of the Republic of China history, Nanjing Normal University's "Nanjing Massacre" Research Center, Zhejiang University's "Jiang Jieshi and modern China" Research Center, guest researcher and Postgraduate Tutor. Special allowance of the State Council. The author of "Dai biography" "history" "the Kuomintang spy activities in Jiang Jieshi" and other books, has won 11 national and provincial and municipal outstanding achievement award.

Army Museum, deputy of the second historical archives of China, published archives of the Republic of China and the Republic of China history papers, edited "Japanese invasion map"