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Heating can not keep up will be freezing, the Russian people have something to say | earth knowledge Bureau

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Author: Russian central heating cat stu

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Russian winter general don't know trapped how many want to unite Europe outstanding figures. The cold winter has always been the best defensive weapon in Russia. As long as the enemy is consumed in the winter, the Russians will always be able to get their own turn.

third in the Russian Moscow and Lithuania war skis (1507-1508)

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retreat from Russia but the winter general is a double-edged sword, hurt the enemy at the same time, inevitably can also cause damage to Russia's own. The invasion of the enemy in this land need only temporarily endure cold, the Russian people will live in a lifetime under the shroud of low temperature. Therefore, the heating is undoubtedly the most important part of the Russian people's livelihood.

look, rich fuel Russia will not meet what heating problems, however, right enough?

shudder Russian

Russia is a cold country.

is mostly located in the temperate zone to sub cold zone, and even in some parts of the Arctic circle. The winter in Russia is not only long, but also is fatal . Even from the temperature, even Moscow, the capital of the southwest, will face a low temperature of 13 degrees below zero in winter. It is also common for those small settlements in the north to go through the extreme low temperatures of 40 degrees below zero per week.

even though fighting nations don't want to live in

in the Arctic Circle, so in Russia, heating has always been a major event.

benefited from the rapid expansion of the Czar Russia to the East, and the ancient Russians obtained the inexhaustible wood of the Siberia forest. These not only can be used as building materials of wood exports to Western European countries, but also can be used as fuel to help people get through the cold winter.


Seoul maggic leaves the conquest of Siberia

Vasily Surikov painted



"/1ydzximg/0I03XoUvLh" in that era, central heating technology does not yet exist, scattered and sparse settlements also let the central heating is difficult to achieve, people will build a fireplace in the home, ignition heating. In the eyes of Russians in the nineteenth Century, the fireplace is home. Vodka is the wife of . These two things are difficult. The fireplace and spirits have always been the typical symbols of Russian literature. Two big city


Moscow right is a statue of Mayakovsky

. But Russia more intensive population is concentrated in the west of Moscow and St Petersburg. The two is the city of Russia took the lead into the million Club City, in the early stage of the high concentration of population actually faced heating problems -- just as the two city to eat, or spend a lot of manpower and resources forced from the field of blood transfusion, or let the city people starve.

is brightly lit.

, however, is not able to glow and glow

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ignition winter in its own stove,

, but temporary stability is always easy to make people feel optimistic about the situation. The Soviet Union's revolutionary tutors made this mistake.

Lenin and his comrades were keen on speeding up the urbanization of all Russia, forcing the long - evolving heating balance in Russia. Many villages and towns have been transformed into small cities. The number of residents has been increased by tens of times. At the same time, the small villages around these villages have been cancelled, and the original heating system has to be rebuilt.

tutors also need heating

central heating at last on the Russian historical stage.

the energy crisis of the Soviet Union (

) was from the early days of the Soviet Union to the Khrushchev era, and the central heating system was flourish throughout Russia and gradually became a trend. The highest peak in

is the Khrushchev building (Khrushchyovka). This is a three to five floor apartment building with simple and ugly shape and very low cost. It is the guarantee room of the Soviet era. Plainly, this is China Tongzilou prototype.

Khrushchev has great expectations for such a building. Under such a philosophy of building against waste, the Soviet Union has great expectations.