The Datang and Xixia have a bright post, and the common features of the women are dislike today.

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The Datang and Xixia have a bright post, and the common features of the women are dislike today.

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Datang and Xixia has a brilliant, their common characteristic is that the woman abandon! What is the characteristic of that?

universe of 1,000,000,000 universes, Nothing is too strange. In ancient times, the evaluation standard for beauty of women was quite different from that of the present. A famous beauty in the two dynasties of Tang Dynasty and Western Xia Dynasty has appeared, especially the most famous Tang Dynasty. It is called "one of the four beauties" by the country. At that time, they all played a role in the history of the time. In this two beautiful queen above all have a common characteristic, formally by virtue of this characteristic, which makes its own talent shows itself in many concubines, won the emperor's favor, but this feature if you put in now a woman, it may be a psychological burden, to do everything possible to get rid of the longitudinal. No Tibet's

to take a look at the mysterious Xixia Cleopatra:

according to historical records, not long's is very marked, tender skin as sparkling as snow, bright eyes can transfer, but the heart is a wanton, restless state. No Tibet's Liangzhou people are rich, by the age of fifteen has turned out to be very beautiful, has become famous for beauty. Xixia Yeli minister met begging after hearing, he will as his concubine. But loyal Yeli in good times don't last long, he was framed by begging the Xixia emperor and seize military power, death in the family Yeli begging, then fading.

later Xixia emperor food may feel wronged him, at the heart of regrets. Yeli take this flight will be sent to the Queen's own living and not received from the nunnery in. But one day, when Li Yuanhao was not hit by Hun, her appearance deeply moved the emperor's heart. Since then, the beautiful no Hun quickly got Li Yuanhao's joy and became Li Yuanhao's wife. After the death of Li Yuanhao, tempted lonely and Yeli didn't hide in the beggar's financial officer Li Shougui Li Yuanhao and Guard officer Paul to eat with.

also said that Yang Yuhuan, a gorgeous and beautiful Datang colourful queen, said that Yang Yuhuan was probably not familiar with most of

, but her title "Yang Guifei" was widely known. The beauty in China is known to every family, She Bei Dynasty Feng Yan, good dance, general temperament, was later hailed as one of the four beauties in ancient China. Yang Yuhuan was born in 719 years, at the age of 10 or so because of the death of his father, were placed in Luoyang uncle Yang Xuangui.

Yang Yuhuan, a born beauty, plus a good culture, make her have a certain culture, with the words now is: temperament. Her character in melody, gentle, singing and dancing, and playing a good hand. In 734, he was seen and married by Li Mao, the king of longevity. In 737 A.D., Tang Xuanzong felt depressed in his heart because of his wife's death. Although she had three thousand, no one could laugh. At this moment, some people suggest Yang Yuhuan's day can help the Bei Dynasty, king of grief. So Tang Xuanzong summoned Yang into the palace of the imperial concubine. Li Longji: later records in order to get the Yang great difficulty, generally summarized into three stages: pear, into the temple, into the princess.

in the year 755, on behalf of the qingjunce Jiedushi An Lushan Rebellion, Bing Feng directed Changan. The following year, Tang Xuanzong took Yang fled to Sichuan, while walking to the Mawei Yi this place, with the army sergeant mutiny took place, a knife to kill Yang Guozhong, but also because of the Yang mutiny soldiers fight, hanged himself in the final. About this, the famous Tang Dynasty poet Bai Juyi in the "song" with a simple two poems record the scene at the time: "six army is helpless, moth-like eyebrows; beauty horse before death".

either Xixia Cleopatra or Tang Yan, two of them as the most beautiful woman of the time, with a characteristic, is the body belongs to the kind of slightly overweight type plump and full type, the ancient people are fat as the first element of the aesthetic, aesthetic and now the concept is not the same, now the girl is to lean to the standard.