What is Deng Xiaoping's comment on Liu Baicheng? There are some words that we know today

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What is Deng Xiaoping's comment on Liu Baicheng? There are some words that we know today

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1986 in October 7th at 17:40, People's Republic of China marshal, one of the founders of the people's Liberation Army China, a great proletarian revolutionist, strategist and theorist, Marx doctrine, military educator Liu Baicheng died in Beijing at the age of 94.

painted on the seven words with lawn, one hundred thousand in the account of Liu Gong cry. In October 16th, Liu Baicheng memorial service was held in the Great Hall of the people by Deng Xiaoping, Hu Yaobang eulogy. On the 21 day of

10, Deng Xiaoping wrote the article "Dao Bocheng", deeply remembering his old comrade and old colleague.

Deng Xiaoping wrote in the beginning of the article, "I've been working with him for a long time. His death made me sad. "I still have him to the photographs taken in 1915, when he was twenty-two years old, young, appearancedashing."

Deng Xiaoping mentioned in his article his first acquaintance with Liu Baicheng and his later work experience. "I know Bocheng" was in the Central Soviet Area in 1931. The first meeting, he gave me a deep impression of honest, sincere, amiable. We work together, in 1938 the Eight Route Army 129 division, a division commander, a political commissar, then in the Shanxi Hebei Shandong Henan field army, the Central Plains field army and the second field army, after working for thirteen years."

article said, Liu Baicheng in the "Taoyuan Sichuan war at the battle of Fengdu, he was the head of the atomic charge into the enemy ranks, lost his right eye. He was more than half a century, commanded countless battles, nine wounded at battle, known as the resourceful "one eyed general"." According to

's article, Liu Baicheng was wrongfully withdrawn from the military chiefs of staff before he started the long march. He went to the five army as chief of staff. At the beginning of the Long March, Liu Baicheng took five army the most arduous task of bringing up the rear, with several times on Saturday to my enemies, protect the safety of the central authorities. Later, Liu Baicheng also served as the first commander, led the troops to open up the road ahead defeated its competitors, the long march.

the war of liberation in second years, the central government decided to Shanxi one hundred thousand troops into the Dabie Mountains, bringing the war into the Kuomintang areas. This is a very difficult strategic task without rear operations. Deng Xiaoping wrote, "some cadres hesitated to perform this task at the time, Bocheng said to them," we can draw the enemy to us, to reduce the pressure of brothers field army. How can a fundamental solution, afraid of hot, even without sacrifice."

Deng Xiaoping wrote in the article, after the liberation, Liu Baicheng from the global military construction starting, wrote a letter to the Central Committee, chairman of the Southwest Military and Political Committee will quit and commander of the second field army positions, volunteered to do Army University (named after the military academy), was created with cadres in modern military science, "bearing make painstaking efforts to do a lot of work.

, in addition, Deng Xiaoping reviewed his pleasant experience of working with Liu Baicheng for thirteen years in his article, and said they had two very harmonious feelings and very well coordinated work. I was more than 10 years younger than he was, and I had different hobbies, but I worked well. "People are accustomed to" Liu Deng "together, in the hearts of the two of us, also feel that it is difficult to separate each other. I am in a great mood to work with Bobby and fight together. "

for Liu Baicheng's military talent, Deng Xiaoping said, "after the revolution the law of war," he is holding Qingfeng Wei Republic "is a fervent." "Comrade Bocheng is a big intellectual and a military officer of our party and our army. His military command art and military theoretical attainments are numbered at home and abroad. He is well versed in the art of war, adopts the essence of military art at all times and in all countries. He said the war facts, from a practical point of view. He judged the enemy battle plan is accurate, thorough, longer than the game, even the enemy had to admire his clever, combat command on miaosuan." "Bocheng has made great contributions to the formation and development of Mao Zedong's military thought."

Deng Xiaoping Liu Baicheng said, "he's against the military command in a crude and careless, do things carelessly. He used the "wrong", the temple incense "mosquito mud Bodhisattva, wrong object" Sichuan colloquialism, humorous criticism of those who do not pay attention to the investigation and survey, command reckless and careless in their work comrades."

wrote in Liu Baicheng's ambition, party time and character, Deng Xiaoping Liu Baicheng said, "to" people "from the youth, it was this breadth, the bearing from the old democracy gradually changed to a communist." "Bo Cheng contacted the Communists in 1924, but he didn't immediately participate in the Communist Party's organization. After only two years of serious observation and reflection, he decided his political choice." Once identified, selected, he will for the realization of their faith to die again and again." At the end of the article,

Deng Xiaoping wrote a review of the battle course that Bocheng inherited for the Communist cause. His outstanding contribution, his strong party spirit and China's Bull J Vic meant a real Communist Party's glorious title. He deserved it. (Henan Henan original article history, plagiarism is not permitted.)