Song marksmen, a full shot missed, the enemy at all laughed, looked again silly

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Song marksmen, a full shot missed, the enemy at all laughed, looked again silly

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the Song Dynasty mostly soldiers Huaquanxiutui, "apple of Sodom", not on the array, not kill enemy. Where irrigation is an exception, he is authentic military origin, by kicking out of practice, is regarded as a master of Taekwondo, archery and very high, is a special expert sniper.

test of martial art, became a national civil servants, holding court salaries, you have to give the output. He was holding the appointment of senior personnel documents, cheerfully to the border.

at the beginning, he was fighting West Xia, the position was "Hedong engaged in". That day, the weather is fine and cloudless, he engaged in armed with a band of soldiers patrol. Turn the mountain and turn the water, and accidentally, it hit the army of Xixia. The soldiers that are armed to the teeth to the Khitan, not afraid of war in Northern Song Dynasty, who advocate. So, to see what was only a few patrols, Xixia people discuss, ready to grab a few prisoners back to play, and a whistle, whistle and a horse.

the group of brothers under the hand of the group to see the situation is not good, sprinkled on the run. The Xixia army, of course, did not promise, and the duck in hand could not fly, and one by one made it chase the old. Of course, the two legs of the song army can't run a horse with four legs. At this time, he went out to shine his own killing technique. His bow and arrow, "whiz", two warriors in Xixia screaming competition generally fall horse - what irrigation arms are strong, strong arrows, arrows, through the head of a person from the chest armor, shot back into, penetrated through the second person.

Xixia soldiers suddenly stunned, quickly turn the horse disappeared. The advantage of the cavalry is that it is fast to catch up, and the escape is not slow, and in a moment it has no shadow.

the brothers under the hands of the brothers wipe the cold sweat, look back, also silly eyes. After talking about the method of shooting arrows, all of them will be thumbs up and boast: "high, it is high!"

message was slowly introduced into the court. Song Huizong knew that when he was shining, he sent out documents, so he could not stay in Hedong and go to the Song Liao border. At that time the song and Xixia hardly what the war, Liao and Song Dynasty can already signed the "Chanyuan alliance" nonaggression treaty, but from time to time will be rushed to the border to take on a pig, a sheep ah, do not go empty. Song Huizong think, use well, master sniper, sniper self organized. So what was the border of song and Liao, when the volcano in the state government inspection, become one of the generals guarding.

Liao know, do not believe that evil, like the opening welcome like, for the new office of He Guanlai a run, let him see the Dabian invincible hand of the Daliaohe athletes in East asia. What is pouring from barracks slowly come out, with a smile, with the usual 1583 technology Liao people to answer their provocation.

Liao athletes immediately on the high cliff, a smart, qiyuxuanang, staring at what was, meaning self-evident: you're not a sniper? Let us look at the show!

where filling out the bow, pulling arrows, everything is clear in slow motion, graceful to appear in the sight of a.. However, the next action is fast flying, "whiz", a whistling arrow flew out, rubbing the scalp Liao to fly past. Liao Jun athletes surprised everyone around, do not see someone down. Looking back, the arrow was stuck on the top of the cliff.

stinky hand! The people of Liao had a burst of laughter. Fake sniper! Song Jun blushed, low head, well prepared.

where irrigation was not a bit embarrassed, still do not stop, "sou sou sou" one then an arrow flew past, struck a Liao scalp, shot to the Liao people behind the cliff, firmly inserted in there.

Liao people open their mouth, open their eyes, none of them laugh. Because the arrows were shot into the cliff, and they never fell. Liao army generals do not believe their eyes, sent guards to see. The guard came to the newspaper, and the arrow shot into the stone, and the arrows were all embedded in the stone.

Liaoning people are not stupid, don't know not to understand each other, but mercy. So they pay tribute to a bugle call, in the eyes of God after the arrow lined up juechenerqu, announced that I would not come. After that, it has been very stable and peaceful. Because in the face of provocation, he was not killed, but with a good conscience to conquer each other. At any time, goodness is sharper than a knife and spear.

the story is not over here. 30 years later, when a Liao army have been promoted to the general to Taishi surnamed Xiao Song, a Song Dynasty met veteran, two people in a dancing, archery game park tamatsu. This veteran stroked a beard, bow and arrow, the first arrow hit the target, but the second arrows.

Xiao Taishi smiled, the old general ah. The old man laughed and told him that himself was