In the year of the Vietnam War, what was the war in the end? Chinese young people must know!

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In the year of the Vietnam War, what was the war in the end? Chinese young people must know!

2017-12-28 18:35:00 771 ℃

recently, the release of a youth theme film on the Internet caused a lot of people's attention, the movie has a description of the war. Although the outbreak of the war is now less than 40 years ago, it seems to be very far away from today's Chinese. Some young people who are accustomed to the peace are even surprised by the war scenes in the film, and they wonder: why do they fight such a war?

can't actually blame many people in China for not knowing the war. Because of some complicated historical reasons, few people have mentioned that war in the last 20 years. This is a Sino Vietnamese border war in 1979, and lasted for ten years. A whole generation of Chinese had had such a connection with the war. Although the dust of history will always be annihilated, the truth must be able to penetrate and glittering and indelible. Today, as a soldier, I think it is necessary for my young Chinese to know exactly what the war is and what it means. The


turns the calendar of time into the end of the 1970s, and you will find that it is indeed an age of great variables.

in China, Chairman Mao and Premier Zhou, Zhu three CEOs and other leaders in the same year in succession fall, ten years after the cultural revolution, a time of great change brings a variety of social thought is active unprecedentedly, all the external pressure, a thousand things wait to be done; safety Chinese facing unprecedented severe:

in the north, a million the tide of iron sword as terrorist always hangs in Chinese door, according to their year in the frontal, large depth and high speed shock theory, maybe just a few days, can threaten the core area of China, for the Chinese capital, many well-informed alley uncle are in private how to plan run away.

in the west, they have to reach out to Afghanistan and Pakistan, India and India ocean port ogle, their ambition has emerged. If it really realized the target of the south out of the India ocean, the whole strategic path of China to the West would be permanently lost.

in the East, the Kuomintang's military operations against the mainland never ceased. With the advantage of advanced sea and air weapons, the Chinese mainland still had a severe blockade of the mainland's coastline.

but these are not the most urgent, and the most pressing threat is in the south. In the United States and South Vietnam to repel the complete unification, forget the great assistance of the Chinese previously, wanton growth had ambitions to defeat the Soviet Union to China, and dominate the ambitions of Southeast asia. Therefore, Vietnam not only let the Soviet Pacific Fleet in cam Ranh Bay, also made by force control involving Kampuchea and Laos attitude. At that time, if not immediately change the strategy of oppression, the grim situation of the Chinese soon completely into the huge security pressure under attack from all directions, will enable us to put the limited resources into a large number of military first policy, various economic and social development will be impossible, peaceful environment will not be available. The contradiction between the

in the two countries was intensified by the Anti China Anti China movement carried out by the Vietnamese government. Since the end of 70s, Chinese Vietnamese have been subjected to cruel racial oppression. They must accept endless political loyalty tests, and be beaten, imprisoned, persecuted and expelled. Therefore, in these problems, the contradiction between China and Vietnam has reached the degree of white hot. Hit a punch to avoid 100 fist! The "iron fist punish Vietnam devoid of gratitude" of the country, became the consensus of people, it is China to the jedi.

therefore, for many reasons, the Vietnam War is a war that has to be carried out, and the film is not told. Many young people only saw the tragic pictures in the movie, and felt that the war was very cruel. But the young people didn't know that if we didn't fight this cruel war, the next picture would be more brutal. How many years is it from the Nanjing massacre?! How can the Chinese forget what it is! Of course, the war is not willing to see, but the people on four sides of the siege hit the door, what do you do? Can you not fight back, can you not fight it? Do you want to once again be trampled upon it?

, but since the Central Committee decided to fight the Vietnam War in the year, but how? To what extent do you play? How do you minimize the negative effects? It is still considering the wisdom of China at that time.


when the country event of death, the survival of the road, can not be ignored. Of course, the old ancestor's lesson is understood. Under the conditions of that time, China must be carefully prepared to avoid huge strategic risks.

, first of all, the biggest threat is the Soviet Union in the north. If the Soviet Union's iron core helps Vietnam, it will probably lead to a wider chain reaction to the war, and even the end of the world's destruction. Secondly, the attitude of another superpower in the US is also crucial. If we fail to get the strategic cooperation of the United States, China will face various strategic pressures alone. Again, the army itself has experienced many years of war experience, continuous beat traditional military power in France and the United States, and equipped with advanced weapons of Soviet aid, the battlefield strength is not a small glimpse.

as a result of the