The mystery of Chinese History: why is there a short life Dynasty before every Shengshi dynasty?

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The mystery of Chinese History: why is there a short life Dynasty before every Shengshi dynasty?

2017-12-28 18:35:05 752 ℃

China in the thousands of years of splendid civilization, created in the glorious history of our ancestors, found an interesting phenomenon, seems to have such a law: in front of every great, a centuries old dynasties, there is a small short-lived imperial court, the existence of time short Dynasty, promote the unity and progress of the country, with pave the way for the birth of a great dynasty. The Western Han Dynasty before Qin, Han Jin before, before the Tang Dynasty is the Sui Dynasty, song before the week before the People's Republic of China Mingqian yuan, the Republic of China have...

Chinese in more than 2000 years of feudal times, can be divided into three types situation: one is the longevity of the unified dynasty, such as the Han Dynasty, Tang Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qing Dynasty, two dynasty, these powerful Dynasty enjoys the country hundreds of years; two is a short-lived dynasties, such as Qin, Sui, yuan, and death were two; three is the confusion of the revolutionary era, such as the three, five random China, the northern and Southern Dynasties, the Five Dynasties.

in fact these short dynasties are not weak. The Qin Dynasty swept Liuhe, Qin unbeatable, very strong. The three one, Sima's regime not only in the military is very powerful, politics is also very powerful. The Sui Dynasty is quite powerful, it is now generally believed that history is the Sui Dynasty China seriously neglected the eternal emperor, many of his initiatives are groundbreaking. Besides the Yuan Dynasty, Mongolian cavalry across Eurasia, shengjiyishi.

the Qin empire building, accumulate by Qin calendar generation ancestor five hundred years of groundwork, Qin Shi Huang is a natural thing, the unity is not one's contribution. Qin II ascended the throne, is like a piece of pie from the sky, he did not experience the hardships and unity, the Xian Chen's help, a Zhao Gao holding palace with six people deep grudges, so soon collapse. The establishment of a unified powerfuldynasty needs the efforts of several generations, and the destruction of a unified dynasty just a worthless king muddle-headed.

Chinese dynasties in the history of strange, often will have a great disorder under heaven, a short-lived Dynasty, and then will Dazhi, a large United and prosperous dynasty. Such as the spring and autumn and Warring States times, after 15 years of the short-lived Qin Dynasty, and then is strong for more than 400 years of strong man. Gone with the northern and Southern Dynasties after and after only 30 years of the Sui Dynasty, then nearly 300 years of glorious tang. The same, after the late Qing Dynasty, after the Republic of less than half a century, then it is now our strong People's Republic of China.