When you see this, you know why Europeans opposed Jews before.

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When you see this, you know why Europeans opposed Jews before.

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we know that European anti Semitic cognition is derived from the World War II Hitler most Jews, thus we know that Hitler is against humanity, racial discrimination, in an attempt to exterminate the jews. The discrimination far more than Hitler discriminated against the Jews, but the whole of Europe was discriminating against the Jews, and since ancient times. It only disappeared after World War II. So why are people in these countries discriminating against the Jews, what did the Jews do to make the whole of Europe against the Jews?

, the Jews are descendants of Jacob, and Jacob has twelve children, which is the origin of the twelve tribes of Jews. The Jews have established their own country, ". Bible Old Testament" there are detailed records, but was finally Babylon people perished, then this nation began two thousand years of wandering journey. It is very important to say that a nation has been drifting for more than two thousand years in the world and has not been explained by other people in Tonghua.

Europeans were opposed to Jews first because of the different religions. We know that in the Middle Ages the church controlled the whole of Europe. But the Jews in Europe or their belief in Judaism, no conversion to christianity. Even though Christians had other ideas that belonged to heresy at that time, the Jews were pagans. We know that Jews believe in Judaism, the Jewish faith is the Old Testament of the Bible, and the Christian faith is the New Testament of the Bible .. Although it is all the Bible, it is very different. In the Old Testament, there is a history of the Jews, and God thinks that the Jews are their own voters. While the Christ in the New Testament is Jewish, the thought that he disseminates is universal and can be accepted by all. But the Old Testament can not do this, Judaism can only be believed by Jews. That is to say that only you are the Jewish people who are qualified to believe in this belief. And Judaism does not recognize the New Testament. Because the New Testament is that Jesus is the son of God, it is the blasphemy of God in the eyes of the Jews. So in religion they are completely incompatible.

is also a very important thing, that is, the economy. Because of the Jews wandering around the world, they have no fixed land, so they almost live by business. So these people are very smart and good at business. We know that the world is in the feudal society, the feudal society for business people could have been discriminated against, at the time China too, that is the bottom of the scholar, farmer, artisan and merchant, businessman. And these Jews have mastered a lot of wealth, and they are very jealous. A small point of knowledge, in the middle ages, there was no interest in borrowing money between Christians and Christians, because they were all believers in God. So since there is no interest, Christians generally don't lend money to Christians. At this time, only the Jews were asked to borrow money, because the Jews received interest. And because they receive interest, they all say they are stingy. It can be said that there is a kind of jealousy in it.

Jews are generally very United because they are drifting outside. In every place almost all Jews gathered there, they will hold together to form a clique. You see, if you are a king, will you tolerate a group of very outspoken people on your site? And the outsiders are very rich or heretics. It's just to say that there are many Japanese in the vicinity of the Tiananmen in Beijing. For a long time, we must be dislike.

needs to be explained that we know that Hitler has killed over 600 million Jews. Let's think about it in a different way, that is, there are so many Jews in Germany before Hitler came to power. Why are there so many Jews in Germany? There is only one thing to say. Before Hitler, the Jews were very good in Germany, or there would not be a lot of Jews to settle here. At the time of European Jews was the worst in Russia, the country or the massacre of jews. Also, not all the Jews in the world are not Tonghua, only the Jews who have fallen into a country are Tonghua, and the country is China. So that our Chinese civilization is still very powerful.