If Taiwan can't keep it, where will the Kuomintang want to escape? A country that once wanted to join China is willing to accept

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If Taiwan can't keep it, where will the Kuomintang want to escape? A country that once wanted to join China is willing to accept

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today we talk about Philippines, Philippines is an archipelago, composed of more than 7000 islands, the largest of which is a group of islands of Luzon Island, Luzon Island in the Philippines islands in northern Philippines, the capital of Manila in the Luzon Island, Luzon Island and Chinese Taiwan island across the sea, the Philippines Island of Luzon China and Taiwan island across the Luzon Strait, the Luzon Strait about more than 250 kilometers wide in the Luzon Strait between and Bataan islands and Babuyan Islands, as the two islands, the sea area is divided into the Bashi Channel, Bahrain Strait and Babu Strait Tang Yan, therefore, in ancient times, Chinese can use sailing from Taiwan island and the island of Luzon, Philippines's history and China history are closely related.

(between Taiwan and Chinese across Lv Song Island)

Lv Song Island first, "Lv Song" is a word that comes from the Chinese "Lv Song", Lv Song is the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese of Spanish title, Spain called Lv Song, Philippines is Lv Song. During the Three Kingdoms period of

, Wu Dadi and Sun Quan dispatched officials, such as Zhu Ying and Kangtai, to patrol the Southeast Asia sea. Zhu Ying and Kangtai line had arrived in Philippines.

Han and Tang Dynasties, with frequent trade between Philippines and Chinese, to the Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese in process of Nanyang, began a large-scale immigrant to Philippines, the Chinese immigrants and promoted the development of Luzon Island, the Ming Emperor Yongle three years (AD 1405), Zheng He's fleet arrived in Philippines at the time of the Luzon the island has no political organization, Zheng He in the Ming emperor edict letter Fujian Xu Chai Yankees for Luzon Governor Xu Chai Ren governor guy Luzon for 20 years.

at the same time, today's Philippines Islands southwest and a Sulu Sulu Sultan country, Sultan country has been Chinese the Ming Dynasty and the Qing Dynasty's vassal, Sulu Sultan's king of Chinese admired for a long time, the Ming Emperor Yongle fifteen years (AD 1417), the Sulu king also personally came to the China Ming Dynasty tribute, see Ming emperor, but in returning the way, unfortunately suffering from severe illness and died, and was buried in Shandong Dezhou, the Sulu king room members, in addition to the king's eldest son returned home to inherit the throne, most per capita in China.

(an international airport in Philippines, Manila)

16 century, the Spaniards came to the southeast, and in Luzon carried out colonial activities, the Spanish colonists in Luzon outlaw, overseas Chinese were often their bullying, after Zheng Chenggong recovered Taiwan, heard the Spanish colonists in Luzon, killing the Chinese crime, very angry, determined to lead the fleet to Philippines, to punish the Spanish colonists, but in the fleet for a voyage when he came in Xiamen during his son Zheng left the young boy's nurse Chen Zhaoniang and Zheng Chenggong news, grief stricken, shortly after he died, Zheng Chenggong was stranded and planned conquest of luzon. After

in Zheng Ming Zheng regime, also sent troops to Philippines, has two times to send a fleet of sailing, but at this time, the San Francisco rebellion of the Qing Dynasty, Zheng and Geng Jingzhong in support of Wu Sangui, and had to suspend the plan to send troops to Philippines, since then, the Ming Zheng regime has always been faced with how to deal with the relationship between the problem that plan will not against Luzon again on schedule.

but, in the reign of Qianlong, Philippines was actively asking to join China. What was this?

16 century to seventeenth Century, not only the Spaniards came to Philippines, the British came, the Sulu king wanted to use the Qing Empire power against the western colonists, the Qing Dynasty and Chinese actively made contact, appear before the emperor Yong Zheng, Emperor Yong Zheng and Su Luguo into a vassal system in Qing dynasty. The Qian Long period, Emperor Qian Long said to the king Luguo Su Su Luguo willing to join the Qing Empire, and offer their own accounts and soldiers, become a part of Qing Empire, but the conservative policy of seclusion, do not want to play overseas don't trouble, then refused to sue Luguo King's requirements. But in fact, at the time, as long as the emperor Qian Long in the positive attitude to deal with overseas matters, the Qing Empire's strength, can protect the Su Luguo.

(mid fifteenth Century, Spanish Habsburg territory)

later, Philippines will inevitably become the Spanish colony, after the Spanish American War of 1898, Spain became the United Colonies, until 1946, Philippines was an independent country.

after the independence of Philippines, there was a close relationship with China. That is Jiang Jieshi ready in the fall of Taiwan, fled to Philippines's Government in exile established that Jiang Jieshi regarded Philippines as the second rear, therefore, Jiang Jieshi retreated to Taiwan after less than a month's time, the president of the Republic of China visit Philippines.

1949 in April 23rd, the people's Liberation Army stationed in Nanjing, the Kuomintang military and political officials fled in a hurry, Jiang Jieshi knew that temporary Kuomintang troops without a fight, then determined to fly to Taiwan, May 7th, Jiang Jieshi in Zhoushan for a short stay, then fly via Penghu to Taipei, in June 24th, Jiang Jieshi settled in Taipei Hills Hotel, from then on, officially settled in Taiwan, but Jiang Jieshi for the Kuomintang remnants can hold in Taiwan, does not hold too much hope, then, after arriving Taiwan, and left a posterior for himself and the Kuomintang, that is in the event after the fall of Taiwan, can choose exile in Philippines.

1949 in July 10th, Jiang Jieshi's visit to Philippines, was warmly welcomed by Philippines's president Quirino, during Jiang Jieshi's visit to Philippines, a reporter asked qurino, if Jiang Jieshi wants to build a government in exile in Philippines, Philippines would not agree, can be shown on the spot Quirino accepted Jiang Jieshi and the Kuomintang authorities relevant personnel to form a government in exile in Philippines plan.

why did Jiang Jieshi plan to exile in Philippines? In fact, from 1949 to 1950 this period of time, Jiang Jieshi for the Kuomintang troops can hold in Taiwan does not hold much hope, one is, the Kuomintang remnants in the defeated troops, lack of training, morale to vibration, not much fighting, if the Liberation Army to attack Taiwan, the Kuomintang defense is likely to collapse, the two is the relationship between Americans and Jiang Jieshi is not very friendly, the Americans want to bypass Jiang Jieshi, a new faction in the Kuomintang internal forces.

Jiang Jieshi chose to exile in Philippines, but not in other Southeast Asian countries, in fact, is fully considered in the history of the deep relationship between Philippines and Chinese, to some extent, the effective method for crossing to Philippines, Zheng Zheng of the suspects, however, this edition 1:00 pm in Philippines after 1946 is already a a modern independent sovereign state, and the relevant personnel if Jiang Jieshi went into exile in Philippines, perhaps the only living in a villa or apartment building, not to mention what build "rear base".

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