They are all notorious warlords but none of them are traitors

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They are all notorious warlords but none of them are traitors

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filed the northern warlords, the impression there are such words: their own guns, warlords, corrupt, The people are boiling with resentment. In particular, their bloody crackdown on the movement of students and workers makes them notoriously infamous and become a real villain.

so, true to the nation on the occasion, the once notorious repute of the big Warlords is how to do it?

first said the first Duan Qirui.

later, in order to avoid the Japanese coercion, Duan Qirui moved his family to Shanghai, openly showing his anti Japanese attitude.

in Shanghai, he accepted the "Declaration" in an interview with reporters: " Japan's violent behavior, has reached the point of feeling unable to feel, can not be understood. Our country only by self seeking efforts wholeheartedly and faithfully. It is better to ask for others than to seek others. The country is actively preparing to cope with force, although there are ten Japanese, not fear Zai? "

second is Zhang Zuolin.

as a native of the northeast, Zhang Zuolin's early experience, studied veterinary medicine, when the bandit, after being court Zhaoan, still in the Russo Japanese war for Russian and Japanese fought until later became king of the northeast.

Zhang Zuolin is a typical old warlord. His thought can be said to be the most conservative among the Beiyang warlords. Many of his actions are strongly feudal, and everything is based on their own interests, and even to curry favor with the Japanese in order to expand their strength.

, though, though close to the Japanese, Zhang Zuolin never thought of taking refuge in Japan. He once said to people, ", Japanese help me, I pay to thank him. As for national interest, I will never betray it!

because Zhang Zuolin core interests in the northeast to Japanese refused to compromise, and repeatedly play Japanese, eventually led to the "Huanggu Tun incident".

the third is Wu Peifu.

Wu Peifu was born poor, a scholar, in the northern army fought for many years, in the wake of the warlords, gradually become the lineal warlords, has occupied the Lu Yu area, Jiangsu, Shaanxi seized the site, and then won control of the China Hubei and Hunan, half of the country.

from the character speaking, Wu Peifu is very commendable, life not prostitute is not gambling, don't smoke opium, no private savings, without leaving the farm, which at the time of the Warlords is extremely rare.

is more valuable, or his national integrity. In 1935, Japan engaged in the autonomy of North China and asked Wu Peifu to be the "king of the North China". Wu Peifu refused without hesitation, and wrote a poem: " national humiliation came empty hate, no shame international power battle. Tears fall when there is no tears, and the voice is high. ,

1938, Toihara Kenji and Wang Jingwei all came to win over Wu Peifu, but he said, "let me out. You Japanese soldiers must withdraw from China." Also the angel of the Wang Jingwei shouted: "who worked with Wang Jingwei, this must mean!" And take out the writing of Wen Tianxiang's "song of Qi", let the messenger take back to Wang Jingwei. In December 4th

1939, Wu Peifu eventually died from the Japanese spy's hand. The life history of

in Wu Peifu, the first half of life, is really disastrous, but have separate regime, its old age, and not the puppet coercion, refusing traitors, admire.

the last one was Sun Chuanfang.

Sun Chuanfang had been studying at the Japanese Sergeant school when he was young, and Okamura Neji was his captain. After the warlord, Sun Chuanfang gradually expanded its influence over the local gentry, Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and occupy the southeast five provinces, dominating the southeast, until after the Central Plains war, in Tianjin. After the

918 incident, North China became the sphere of force of the Japanese army, and the Japanese army headquarters preferred Sun Chuanfang to be in power in North China. Okamura Neji was a classmate with Sun Chuanfang, and when he was a consultant, he did Sun Chuanfang's work by himself and was rejected by sun. In order to get rid of Sun Chuanfang

, he converted to Buddhism, as a monk. Others advised him, only a single shadow for fear of being enemies of revenge, as in Japanese. Sun Chuanfang smiled and said: " died compatriots hand than traitors from strong thousands of times.

finally, Sun Chuanfang was in 1935 by the CIA to assassinate.

as a warlord, they did indeed feel guilty for this country, but in front of national interests, they also hold a Chinese bottom line, even at the expense of their martyrdom. This character, we have to respect. The history of the

Author: Weitinggen Inn Stein